Best Air Purifier For Cat Litter Dust [ Save Your Day ]

Pet lovers, especially cat lovers, know how difficult it’s to have dirty cat litter daily. 

There will be a queer odor in the room from dust particles, resulting in various respiratory problems. 

Selecting the best air purifier for cat litter dust can only relieve you from this trouble. 

The challenging part is finding the right air purifier with proper filtration technology. Also, a good air purifier has easy operation, noise reduction function, and zero harmful byproducts. 

Some air purifiers are good at disappearing only odors, and some are good at removing airborne particles. 

Sometimes, air filters or litter box pads work nicely instead of an air purifier. But, a high-end air purifier is mandatory to achieve the highest pure air in the house. 

Risk of inhaling or exposing to cat litter dust or smell

Silicosis is the most common disease that can affect humans from inhaling cat litter. It contains a high amount of silica dust responsible for this disease. 

According to Mayo Clinic, cat litter is also risky as it creates toxoplasmosis disease, which is a severe infection. The presence of ammonia in cat litter causes nausea, vomiting, and other respiratory problems. 

Will an Air Purifier Help with Cat Litter Dust?

Yes, an air purifier is the most comprehensive solution to get rid of cat litter dust. An advanced air purifier filter can absorb the foul odor produced by cat litter. Its filter fibers attract pollutants from the air, absorb them, and keep the room odor-free. 

Our Review Process

Our review process is primarily based on the deep analysis of prime specifications of air purifiers. 

We went through some reputed sites with decent user reviews for a more accurate understanding. An expert group of members with air purifiers helped us to make our way easy. 

The 7 best air purifiers for cat litter dust

This section discusses the 7 best air purifiers for cat litter dust. 

LEVOIT Core P350 Air Purifier

LEVOIT Core P350 air purifier is one of our top choices because of its fast performance. It’s tested that purifying the air of 219 sq. ft space requires only 12 minutes. 

This air purifier’s high-efficiency activated carbon can eliminate litter dust. Litter dust mainly contains a significant part of silica particles. 

To keep air safe from them, P350 absorbs those particles through its H13 true HEPA filter. Its fine non-woven fabric pre-filter ensures powerful filtration.

LEVOIT’s this model also effectively works against odors produced by cat litter dust. A 3-stage filtration technology grabs around 99.97% airborne particles 0.3 microns in size. 

As it has a high-efficiency activated carbon filter, litter boxes and other stinky smells get eliminated easily. 

Residents won’t face acute noise from this purifier as its noise level ranges between 24-50 dB. 

You can set a timer to run and turn off this magical instrument whenever possible. Its pet lock technology is an adorable feature to prevent changing the settings of pets. 

Most customers are satisfied with this air purifier as it effectively removes pet litter odors. When the air quality is extremely bad, they quickly find the air purifier filter dusty. 

LEVOIT Core P350 comes with some enchanting filtration layers. 

  • H13 true HEPA filter removes fine dust and pet dander
  • High-efficiency activated carbon filter removes pungent pet litter odors
  • Non-woven Fabric Pre-filter captures pet fur and lint


  • Fast response to dispose of litter odor
  • Easy button operation functions
  • Timer option for saving electricity
  • Pet lock system to stop unwanted settings change
  • The noise level is user-friendly


  • No remote control system
  • Hassle of changing filters again & again

Catit Magic Blue Cat Litter Box pads

Catit Magic Blue has brought something inexpensive instead of a typical air purifier for cat litter dust. We’ve picked these refill pads, so you don’t have to spend extra money on an air purifier. 

These pads aren’t pro like an air purifier to remove litter dust. After placing two pads in a holder, attach the docking station to the top of the litter box interior. 

Finally, insert the holder into the docking station- that’s all. It doesn’t have any filtration technology by which it can capture up to 0.3 microns of cat litter dust particles. 

But they work great when removing the cat litter odor. These pads absorb and retain up to 80% of ammonia. It’s tested to reduce fecal odors by an average of 40%. 

Magic Blue can absorb hazardous ammonia gasses from cat litter 25 times more effectively than carbon-based filters. 

Each filter pad is nicely sealed in a protective foil pouch. For this reason, the last unit also can show optimal performance. 

Users certified this product as “great” due to its ultimate effectiveness. 

Its adhesive kind behavior sucks a large amount of litter dust odor, keeping their room safe. Sometimes, it worked better than an air purifier to quickly disappear the cat pee smell. 


  • Cool pricing
  • Super easy to use
  • No hassle of maintenance
  • Good packaging ensures long-term effectiveness
  • Effectively decreases ammonia-based odors


  • Not good for airborne particles produced from litter dust
  • The poor odor removal percentage

LEVOIT air purifier LV-H128

LV-H128 is another air purifier model from LEVOIT with its high-grade filtration technology. This model could be your choice for its dual and genuine HEPA filters. 

It can execute more than 99% of airborne particles that originate from cat litter dust. 

The filtration system accurately captures pet hair, dust, and other tiny fibers.

You don’t need to be tensed about being affected by cough or respiratory problems from pet litter dust due to its H13 true HEPA filter.

There is an aroma pad to add essential fragrance to your home. 

The activated carbon filter of LV-H128 can cover up to 15m of the area to remove the foul odor of cat litter. 

Along with removing dust particles, it improves your room’s air quality a lot. Making your room devoid of pollution won’t take more than 30 minutes. 

This air purifier works great to reduce noise depending on the place type. Staying at a library or other silent places will allow you to operate itself in 40dB loudness. 

During sleep time, you can decrease the noise level up to 28dB. You can easily travel with it as its dimension is only 17 × 17 × 26.5 cm. 

The customer review is pretty good when placing the instrument near the cat litter.

It absorbed primary pungent odors from the litter, ensuring the presence of almost zero ammonia. They noticed a significant improvement in breathing issues after using this product. 

Let’s have a glance at this air purifier’s dual filtration technology. 

  • H13 true HEPA filter removes pollen, fine dust, and other airborne particles
  • Top-grade activated carbon filter removes smoke, fumes, and bad odors.


  • One simple button control feature for newbies
  • Low-rated power consumption starts from 6W
  • Comes with a pre-installed filter assembly
  • Pricing is worth its features
  • Excellent noise control system


  • May require an additional converter 
  • Can’t work for particles less than 0.1 microns

GermGuardian Air Purifier

GermGuardian has brought an addition in a corded electric air purifier with its newest charcoal filter. 

We’ve been impressed seeing its odor and germ-reducing performance with a high CADR rating. It has a 122 CADR rating to remove odor particles and a 132 CADR rating to remove cat litter dust particles. 

Like other HEPA filters, its similar technology removes 99.97% of allergens and dust. In addition, it uses UV-C light to destroy bacteria and mold spores. 

It also offers advanced TIO2 treatment with the help of UV-C light to reduce VOCs generated from cat litter. Undoubtedly, these filtration features make it the best air filter for cat litter dust. 

It uses a combination of pre-filter and charcoal filters to keep your room odor-free. This unit is unique because it doesn’t use any activated carbon filter to reduce cat litter odor. 

An antimicrobial agent is added to this filter to stop bacteria growth, keeping your room pollution-free. 

It’s tested that for a 189 sq ft room, its performance rate is 4.8x/hr. You don’t need to replace its filter more than twice a year. 

There is a digital display for all kinds of updates. You can use its timer at 8-hour intervals to save electricity. Besides, its 5-speed options allow you to use it for versatile operations. 

Not even a single customer we found was disappointed with this excellent air purifier. They expressed that- this air purifier took out cat litter odors, bringing serenity to their house. 

As it has a 4-level cleaning technology, it’s the best air purifier for asbestos & the best air purifier to eliminate cat smell. 

  • True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust and allergens
  • Charcoal filter decreases nasty odors
  • UV-C light helps to reduce airborne bacteria and mold spores
  • TIO2 treatment reduces VOCs 


  • Requires less filter replacement (2 times/ year)
  • One of the best-combined filtration systems in the market
  • High area coverage
  • High CADR rating in disposing of odor
  • Speed control function increases versatility


  • A little bit expensive
  • No activated carbon filter

Filtrete Air Filter

A filtrete air filter is a manual filtration system designed to capture dust particles. It comes with a high MPR of 1000 units to catch most of the microparticles existing in the house. 

We’ve also chosen this product thinking about its low price range. 

As it comes with a 1000 MPR rating, it’s not pro at removing harmful odor particles. But it can significantly reduce the cat litter odor and fill your house with refreshed air. 

It uses electrostatically charged filter media to eliminate dust particles produced from cat litter. 

If you change its filter every 3 months, it can effectively reduce the odor of a medium-sized room. Debris and mold spores from cat litter dust are not a problem in this circumstance. 

This product is easy to use and works as the best air filter for kitty litter dust. It has 11 minimum efficiency reporting values (MERV) to make your house odor and dust free. 

Users are a little bit disappointed as it can’t capture bacteria as well as similar ultra-fine particles. 

But, thinking about the price range and effectiveness against cat litter dust and odor, most of them are satisfied.

Its two-step filtration technology works very simply in the following method. 

  • Filtrete MPR 1000 helps to remove pet dander, pollen, and smog
  • Filtrete MPR 1200+ helps to remove cough and the most minor odor debris


  • Good at capturing microscopic particles
  • Easy to install
  • Uses electrostatically charged filter media to dispose of odor
  • Doesn’t produce any harmful gas
  • Cost-effective pricing


  • Requires changing the filter regularly
  • Can’t kill bacteria

Medify MA-25 Air Purifier

Medify MA-25 air purifier could be your choice for its ultimate filtration technology with ultra-quiet operation. 

Also, its sleek touchscreen operation panel helps to use this instrument without hassle. MA-25 is tested to clean 500 sq. ft. every 30 minutes.

As it comes with a true HEPA H13 filter, it removes 99.9% of particles down 0.1 microns in size. 

Dust, pet dander, pollen, and allergens can’t stay in your house when it’s activated with proper settings. The dual HEPA filters last up to 2500 hours, requiring less spending on changing the filter. 

The presence of a substantial activated carbon filter with carbon pallets removes the odors of cat litter dust. Using its 3-speed settings and 8 hours timer, you can remove most of the cat litter odors. 

The tempered glass touch operation panel is easy for newbies. Using its sleep mode, users can reduce noise and its dedicated operation. 

The pre-filter grabs large-sized particles before refining microscopic particles from the air. 

Users love this product’s accessible filter replacement technology for reducing cat litter odor. They found its quick effectiveness when the room size is moderate. 

The filtration system is based on three filters.

  • Pre-filter helps to grab large debris.
  • The Hepa H-13 filter receives small cat litter dust particles
  • Activated carbon filter grabs the most minor smoke and odor particles


  • Easy to use for touchscreen operation
  • Long-lasting HEPA filter for up to 2500 hours
  • Large area coverage
  • Versatile speed settings for different operations
  • Dimmable control lights ensure sound sleep


  • The fastest mode is slightly noisy
  • Requires regular maintenance

Hamilton Beach Air Purifier

Tight budget holders can rely on Hamilton Beach air purifier as it starts from only around $44. Despite this price range, it has 3 filtration systems with quiet operation technology. 

This air purifier removes cat litter dust with its high-performance HEPA-grade filter. It can capture 99% of pollen and spores as small as 3 microns. 

Dust particles of pet litter can easily get trapped in its filtration system. 

There are 2 Activated Carbon Zeolite Filters to absorb smoke particles and odors from pet litter. If your room is between 140 sq ft in size, it can reduce any cat litter bad odor effectively. 

It’s also a top priority as it can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. For powerful air cleaning, it allows easy switching to the fastest mode. Its quiet speed settings ensure sound sleep at night. 

Users can easily replace the carbon filters whenever they want. When the pet litter is dirty enough, spreading extremely bad odors, the foul smell can disappear within an hour. 

It has three filtration functions to remove cat litter dust particles and odor from the air. 

  • The pre-filter for capturing large-sized particles like fibers and hairs
  • Its HEPA filter captures spores and other cat litter debris
  • Activated Carbon Zeolite Filters remove odors


  • Three-stage filtration for dedicated purification
  • Works best for moderate areas like an office or living room
  • Easy changing between 3 settings
  • Allows easy filter cleaning
  • Best pricing 


  • The filtration system could be a little bit improved
  • Build quality is average

What kind of purifier works really well for cat litter dust and smell?

There are primarily 4 types of air purifiers available in the market based on their filters. 

  • Activated carbon filter
  • HEPA filter
  • Ionizer
  • UV light

But, the first and last type of air purifier filters barely works for cat litter dust well. It’s because cat litter dust particles range upward of 0.2 microns in size. 

But, all types of air purifiers can’t capture them or remove odor. An activated carbon filter only works for removing the odor, not the dust particles.  


Negatively charged ions are released into the air by ionizers. As opposite charges attract each other, they attract positively charged air pollutants. 

This device is devoid of any purifying filter. The good part is you don’t need to maintain its filter regularly. But the worst part is it creates ozone in your house. 

And the final consequence can be alarming if an extremely high amount of ozone is produced. 

HEPA air purifier

HEPA air purifier is much better than ionizers despite their requirement to change filters regularly. It uses ultra-fine mesh filters to capture everything that goes through them.

The working principle is simple- sucking air through a filter and trapping particles. Most HEPA air purifiers effectively disappear at least 99.97% of 0.3 microns particles. The good news is they don’t produce ozone; keep your house safe. 

Activated carbon filter

This filter is highly effective against any foul odor. HEPA filters can’t capture tiny particles that cause odor effectively. With the help of a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter gets primarily filtered dust particles. Then, they purify the rest of the dust particles, keeping your house odor-free. 

So, how to pick the right air purifier?

First, you should look for the filter type of an air purifier. If you’re thinking about disposing of odor, an air purifier without an activated carbon filter won’t help. 

To remove particles up to 0.3 microns, go for a true HEPA filter air purifier. Secondly, check the noise level, speed settings, ease of use, filter clearing convenience, and other extra features. And finally, check the pricing in comparison to features, along with the brand value. 


Here you know some common questions and answers about the best air purifier for cat litter dust. 

How do you get rid of cat litter dust in the air?

The tiny particles of cat litter can’t be eliminated by changing the litter or widening the air circulation. Using an air purifier with a HEPA filter or an ionizer is the best move. These air purifiers absorb particles from the air, making your breathing completely safe.

What Is The Best Air Purifier For Cats?

Cats don’t have any problem with air purifiers as the air purifier is safe for humans. Some air purifiers produce non-stop disturbing sounds. 
Pets like cats can’t tolerate the sound and get frightened often. Most importantly, ionizers may create ozone-related problems for cats. Otherwise, any conventional air purifier is good for them.

How long does it take for an air purifier to work?

There is no fixed time for an air purifier to start working. It depends on the brand, setting, room size, and other factors. 
It’ll take around 2-3 hours for an average-sized room to start working. If the air quality is extremely bad, it will take extra time.


Cat litter dust is nothing but your enemy. The result won’t be pleasant if you ignore its odor or somehow manage it. Purchasing an air purifier and activating it is the easiest solution ever. 

Now you know about the market’s top 7 air purifiers and filters. Selecting the best air purifier for cat litter dust depends on your budget, functions, and other criteria.

We recommend using the LEVOIT Core P350 for the best overall performance. 

If you want an air purifier with many features, go for the Medify MA-25 or GermGuardian air purifier. The final result of using any of them won’t disappoint you- we can assure you that. 

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