How to Get Rid of Cooking Smells in Open Plan Kitchen

An open-plan kitchen includes zero walls to perform social interaction and cooking together. But, it spreads lingering cooking smells throughout the whole house. So, it’s essential to keep knowledge on how to get rid of cooking smells in open plan kitchen. 

Odors and fumes from an open-plan kitchen must go through a ventilation system. But, a large portion of odors and fumes reach your living room. 

Using a natural deodorizer like baking soda helps neutralize pH and remove odor. Furthermore, you should know about a few more effective ways along with its prevention. 

How to Get Rid of Cooking Smells in Open Plan Kitchen 

So, how do you eliminate cooking smells in an open-planned kitchen? Let’s show you some practical ways. 

Widen the ventilation system

If your kitchen is already installed with a ventilation system, it’s time to make it more comprehensive.

You may fail to execute this operation by opening the window or something else. But, using an air purifier could be one of the best steps. Air purifiers have activated carbon filters to absorb most cooking smells.

  • Measure the total kitchen area first
  • Measure the CADR rating of your air cleaner 
  • Check if it’s ⅔ times the kitchen area

Use white vinegar

White vinegar magically disappears stubborn scents from your open-plan kitchen. The scent will be gone if you use distilled white vinegar as an air freshener. 

  • Fill a spray bottle with distilled white vinegar and essential oils
  • Spray the mixture on smelly surfaces
  • Wait for air-dry

Using lemon slices 

Lemon slices can be used to prevent and cure kitchen smells. Cut lemon slices are proven to absorb the kitchen smell using citric acid.

  • Slice a lemon in half pieces
  • Add the slices to a pot of boiled water
  • Let it boil for around ten minutes
  • Wait for automatically neutralizing the odor 

Wash cooking instruments immediately

When you fry, cooking instruments spread a rough odor to the house. Even after putting in the die-hard effort, the smell can’t be removed. Then, the problem is with your cooking instrument. It’s not that difficult to remove kitchen odor from the cooking instruments. 

  • Rinse them in water just after cooking
  • Leave the vinegar on their surface
  • Dry them carefully

How to prevent cooking smells in open plan kitchen 

You must know the proverb- prevention is better than cure. That’s why it’s time to know how to prevent cooking smells in an open-plan kitchen. 

Go for chef’s candles.

Chef’s candles, like the fresh wave odor-neutralizing candle, are highly effective in preventing cooking smells. It’s just about lighting the candle with fire. After a few minutes, disgusting cooking smells will be absorbed, and a fragrance will spread.

Boiling cinnamon

Replacing your kitchen with a beautiful cinnamon aroma is another excellent idea. It takes time to disappear nasty cooking smells, but effective in the long run. 

  • Boil cinnamons for around 10 minutes
  • Decrease the heat to low
  • Let the mixture’s scent spread naturally

Charcoal filter splatter screen

When you’re frying bacon or fries, a charcoal filter splatter screen helps absorb the burning smell. You can get it from Amazon for just around $20.

This is nothing but a splatter screen designed to. place it over the skillet. It catches every little bit of boiling oil, preventing them from escaping.

Vinegar steam

Vinegar steam helps prevent any type of cooking smell efficiently. You have to follow just a few simple steps.

  • Mix 1 cup of water with ¾ TSP of white vinegar
  • Start boiling the mixture
  • Open the lid and let it continue boiling
  • Keep it open until you finish your cooking


Reaching the endpoint, now you know how to get cooking smells out of the kitchen. Vinegar or baking soda is magic here if your budget is tight. Washing cooking instruments is a big secret to getting rid of this problem. 

Along with knowing how to eliminate cooking smells in an open-plan kitchen, you must take steps to its prevention. You can try instruments like a purifier or charcoal filter splitter screen for the best result. 

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