How To Vacuum A Pool Using Skimmer

Do you have a swimming pool which is in dire need of cleaning?

You can always vacuum your swimming pool with a skimmer.

Most pool owners keep their chemicals in balance and use hand skimmers to remove leaves, foliage, and other yard waste when needed. Sometimes, however, large storms can bring all kinds of dirt and debris that can end up in a pool.

Even after one of these severe weather events or after being attacked by algae, you can expect your skimmer system to clean up your pool water again. But what if a couple of days go by, and it doesn’t happen?

Then, you should use the skimmer manually to vacuum your pool.

Are you wondering now how you’re gonna use a skimmer?

Well, we can guide you. You just have to collect a few things and follow a few steps to use a skimmer to vacuum your swimming pool properly.

Ready? Let’s find out how to vacuum a pool using skimmer properly.

How To Vacuum A Pool Using Skimmer

If you need to wash the bottom of your swimming pool using your skimmer, you need to collect the following materials:

  • Pool Vacuum Head also known as a vac head.
  • A telescopic pole with the necessary length to reach the deepest part of your pool.
  • A vacuum hose long enough to extend toevery part of the swimming pool.

You may consider using a skimmer vacuum plate, which is also called skim vac. Then you can use the skimmer vacuum plate.Vacuum without it will still work, but you have to use a pump strainer basket.


Once you have assembled all the necessary parts, you need to do the following:

  • Fasten the vacuum head to the telescoping pole.
  • Attach one lead of the vacuum hose to the outlet fitting of the vacuum head.
  • Immerse the vacuum head at the deep end of your pool.
  • Push the whole vacuum hose under water till the hose fills with water.

The third and fourth step is to purge the air from your vacuuming components. If the air pockets are allowed to enter the intake line of the pump, they can deprive the pump of its main hand.


Now, you’ll have to join the vacuum head to your skimmer by:

  1. You have to locate the skimmer at the side of your pool.
  2. Then you need to remove the skimmer lid and strainer basket.
  3. Carefully thread your hose by opening the skimmer while keeping the open end of the hose always submerged.
  4. Then just plug the open end of the hose into the skimmer’s suction port, which lies at the end of the skimmer well.
  5. If your pool has multiple skimmers, you may want to put vacuum hose on the skimmer closest to the pool pump to give maximum vacuum power.
  6. If each skimmer in the pool has its own dedicated skimmer valve, be sure to close all but one of the valves for the shaking you will use to vacuum the pool.

It would be best if you started vacuuming at your pool’s shallow end slowly.You’ll want to slightly overlap your stroke to make sure you’re emptying all the debris under your pool.Rushing usually means that the work takes longer because going too fast will reduce the debris, which takes some time to settle.

If your pool is particularly dirty, you may notice that your water is becoming cloudy.If you notice this in your pool water, wait a few hours for the floating materials to go down and then vacuum again.

After finishing vacuuming, separate the vacuum head from your pole and drain the water that has accumulated in your hose.Attach a cleaning brush to the pole and close off any materials you have collected along the walls of your pool.Finally, check the chemical condition of your pool and make any adjustments as needed.

Clean the tools with your hose and keep them in storage for long-lasting. Once your pool is fully balanced, it’s time to swim a bit!


Is vacuuming a pool by hand sounds like a lot of work to you?

Well, it requires a lot of work. That’s why Many pool owners prefer saving their time by hiring a pool cleaning company to keep their water clean and clear. If you’re not intimidated by all this work and have spare time in your hand, you should try to vacuum your own pool, and it will be a nice experience.

We hope we’ve covered all the steps with the necessary information to help you to vacuum your pool. Follow these steps mentioned above, and we hope you can vacuum your pool successfully.

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