Bd Code on Hayward Heater

Bd code on a hayward heater refers to an error code that may appear on the display screen of certain models of hayward pool heaters. The bd code indicates that there is a problem with the control board system in the heater and may prevent it from functioning properly.

As a pool owner or service technician, understanding the meaning and troubleshooting procedures related to the bd code can help you quickly identify and resolve any issues with your hayward heater.

Bd Code on Hayward Heater


Common Bd Codes For Hayward Heaters

When it comes to hayward heaters, there are some common bd codes that you might encounter. Bd1 indicates ignition failure, which can often be resolved by cleaning the ignition assembly. Bd2 suggests water temperature sensor failure, which can occur due to a faulty sensor or connection issue.

If you see bd3, it indicates high limit switch open, meaning that the heater has exceeded its safety limit and shut off. A possible solution is to check for airflow restrictions around the heater. Lastly, bd4 refers to fuse failure, which might occur if there is a wiring issue or a power surge.

In this case, you’ll need to check the fuse and replace it if needed. By being aware of these codes, you can quickly troubleshoot issues with your hayward heater and keep it running smoothly.

Other Bd Codes For Hayward Heaters

Hayward heaters are known for their advanced features and reliable performance. However, there are certain error codes that may appear from time to time. One such code is bd5, which indicates a flame sense fault. This can be caused by a dirty burner or a faulty flame sensor.

Another common error code is bd6, which points toward gas valve relay failure. This can be caused by a faulty gas valve or a wiring issue. Bd7 is another error code that may appear, indicating a stack flue sensor failure.

This can be caused by a dirty or faulty flue sensor. Finally, bd8 is a communication error, which may occur due to a faulty circuit board or a wiring issue. It is important to address these codes promptly to ensure the continued functioning of your hayward heater.

"bd" on Hayward display.

Importance Of Addressing Bd Codes Promptly

Ignoring bd codes on hayward heaters can lead to significant damage to the heating system. These bd codes are error codes displayed on the heater, indicating the current problem in the unit. If overlooked, these issues can escalate, causing even more damage, leading to costly repairs.

It is crucial to address these bd codes promptly to prevent further harm to the heater and save time and money. Prompt attention to these codes can help resolve the problem quickly and prevent it from progressing into a more significant issue.

As an owner of a hayward heater, it is crucial to ensure that any problem indicated by bd codes is addressed promptly to avoid expensive repairs and keep the heater functioning efficiently.

Tips For Preventing Bd Codes In Hayward Heaters

Bd codes can be frustrating and cause unexpected pool heating interruptions. To prevent these issues with your hayward heater, regularly perform maintenance practices. Clean the pool filter and check for any clogs in your heater’s plumbing. Additionally, make sure to keep the heater’s surrounding area free of debris and maintain proper ventilation.

By following these safety tips, you can prolong the life of your hayward heater and prevent bd codes from surfacing.

Frequently Asked Questions On Bd Code On Hayward Heater

What Is Bd Code On Hayward Heater?

Bd stands for “blocked discharge,” which is a safety feature on certain hayward pool heaters that protects against dangerous pressure levels.

How Does The Bd Code On Hayward Heater Work?

The bd code is triggered when the heater is unable to discharge water properly, causing a build-up of pressure. It then shuts off to prevent any accidents.

What Causes The Bd Code To Appear On My Hayward Heater?

The bd code can be triggered by a clogged filter, a blocked or damaged pump, or a malfunctioning pressure switch.

How Do I Troubleshoot The Bd Code On My Hayward Heater?

To troubleshoot the bd code, check the water flow, clean the filter, inspect the pump and pressure switch, and restart the system.


To conclude, the bd code on hayward heater is a common issue that indicates a potential problem with the control board. It can be caused by a variety of factors such as faulty wiring, blown fuses, or circuit board issues.

It is important to address this problem immediately as it can have an impact on the performance and safety of the heater. A professional technician should be consulted to troubleshoot and repair the problem to ensure the heater functions properly and efficiently.

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