Can You Put Chlorine Tablets in Pool Frog

No, you cannot put chlorine tablets in Pool Frog. Pool Frog is a mineral pool system that uses minerals such as copper and silver to keep the pool water clean and clear without the need for large amounts of traditional chlorine. It does not use chlorine tablets so adding them would be ineffective, or even harmful to your pool’s health.

Instead of using chlorine tablets with Pool Frog, it’s important to make sure that you have adequate levels of minerals such as copper and silver in your swimming pool. You can also add necessary shock doses or other additives if needed per manufacturer instructions.

  • Assemble the Pool Frog: Take all of the components that come with the Pool Frog, including the floating dispenser, mineral cartridge and chlorine tablets, and assemble them according to the instructions in your owner’s manual
  • Fill Dispenser With Chlorine Tablets: Open up the lid on top of your pool frog’s dispenser and fill it up with chlorine tablets as specified by your manufacturer’s instructions
  • Make sure not to overfill or under-fill it
  • Place The Dispenser Into The Pool: Once you have filled up your pool frog’s dispenser with chlorine tablets, place it into a spot in your swimming pool where there is good circulation for optimal results
  • Connect To Pump System: Attach one end of tubing from the pump system to an output port on top of your pool frog’s floatation device and connect another tube from this same floatation device to an intake port on either side of it for water recirculation purposes (be sure to reference user manual for further clarification)
  • 5 Activate & Monitor System Regularly : Turn on both pumps at once so that they are running together simultaneously and monitor them regularly throughout each week or month depending on usage levels in order to ensure proper chlorination levels within your pool water chemistry balance!

Re-Filling Frog Chlorine Cartridge

Re-filling a Frog Chlorine Cartridge is an easy and economical way to keep your pool clean and safe. Frog cartridges contain chlorine tablets that are inserted into the cartridge, which then dispenses small amounts of chlorine throughout the day to kill bacteria in the water. To re-fill a frog cartridge, you need only purchase new chlorine tablets from your local pool supply store, remove the old ones from inside the cartridge, and replace them with fresh tablets.

This process is quick, simple and cost effective compared to other methods of chlorinating a pool.

Frog Leap Torpedo Pac Refill

The Frog Leap Torpedo Pac Refill is an all-in-one kit for replacing the contents of your existing Frog Leap Torpedo Pac. It includes a set of four high quality, durable rubber frogs, as well as extra suction cups and replacement cords to keep your torpedo pac up and running. This refill ensures that you can continue to enjoy hours of underwater fun with friends and family!

Can You Put Chlorine Tablets in Pool Frog


Can You Add Chlorine to a Frog System?

Yes, chlorine can be added to a FROG system. The following points should be considered:• Check the manufacturer’s instructions for adding chemicals.

• Add the correct amount of chlorine as per your pool size and type of water. • Allow the circulation pump to run after adding chlorine in order to distribute it evenly throughout the system. • Monitor levels regularly once you start using chlorine in your system.

This will ensure that your pool is safe and enjoyable for everyone who uses it!

Do You Need Chlorine With Frog System?

Yes, a chlorine residual must be maintained in the water to keep it safe. Chlorine is essential for FROG systems as it disinfects the pool and helps prevent bacteria growth. Here are some reasons why you need chlorine with your FROG system:

* It kills harmful bacteria that could cause illness or skin irritation. * It prevents algae growth, which can cause cloudy water and staining of surfaces. * It acts as an oxidizer, breaking down organic materials like sweat, urine and oils into harmless molecules so they don’t accumulate in the pool.

By following these steps and using chlorine regularly, you can ensure that your pool is safe for swimming without any risk of contamination from outside sources or microorganisms inside the pool itself.

What Chlorine Level for Pool Frog?

The optimal chlorine level for a pool frog is 2-4 parts per million (ppm). This range will ensure that your pool water is clean and safe for swimming. Below are the benefits of maintaining the recommended levels:

• Kills bacteria, algae and other microorganisms to keep pool water sanitary. • Prevents skin irritation, eye redness and respiratory issues associated with high chlorine levels. • Helps maintain proper pH balance in your swimming environment.

Maintaining an adequate chlorine level is essential to keeping your pool clean and healthy all season long!

What Setting for Frog Chlorine?

FROG chlorine is a combination of minerals and other components that work together to clean your pool water. The recommended setting for FROG chlorine are: * pH between 7.2-7.6,

* Total alkalinity between 80-120 ppm, * Calcium Hardness between 200 – 400 ppm and * Cyanuric acid (stabilizer) should be in the range of 25-50ppm.

For best results, adjust these settings biweekly or as needed until all parameters are within their acceptable ranges.

How to Add CHLORINE TABLETS to Your POOL | Swim University


Overall, it is clear that chlorine tablets are not designed to be used with Pool Frog systems. Chlorine tablets may cause damage to the equipment and can also lead to an imbalance in pool water chemistry. Therefore, for optimal performance and safety of your pool system, stick with using chlorine pucks or sticks specifically made for use in the Pool Frog system.

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