Foam Board under Pool Instead of Sand

Foam board is a great alternative to sand for under a pool. It provides more cushioning and buoyancy than sand, so it can help protect the pool liner from punctures and tears. Also, foam board is much easier to install than sand because it’s lightweight, durable and comes in large sheets that easily fit into tight spaces.

In addition, foam board does not require any additives or regular maintenance like sand does, which makes it an even better choice for under pools. Finally, using foam boards rather than sand also helps conserve water since they don’t absorb moisture like grains of sand do.

Foam board is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to sand for use under pools. The foam material offers a soft cushion that helps protect the pool from damages and makes it easier to level out the area around the pool, all while being more environmentally friendly than traditional sand. Additionally, foam board is much lighter and easier to work with than sand, making installation quicker and simpler.

All of these benefits make foam board an ideal choice when it comes time to build or install your new pool!

Extruded Polystyrene Foam under Pool

Extruded polystyrene foam is an ideal choice for use under pools, as it provides cushioning and insulation to reduce the potential of pool liner punctures. This lightweight material also helps to protect against frost heave and soil erosion while providing a better thermal barrier than other materials. Installing extruded polystyrene foam beneath your pool will help keep water temperatures even throughout the year and can significantly reduce energy costs associated with heating your pool.

What Can I Use Instead of Sand under My Pool

Using an alternative to sand can help reduce the amount of dirt and debris that accumulates in your pool. There are several materials you can use as a substitute for traditional pool sand, including pea gravel, crushed glass, rubber mulch, and even small stones. Pea gravel is an affordable option that won’t clump together like some other materials might.

Crushed glass is an environmentally friendly option that adds sparkle to the bottom of your pool. Rubber mulch offers a soft cushioning surface for bathers while still providing adequate filtration. Finally, small stones provide durability but may be more difficult to filter out if they become too fine-grained over time.

Too Much Sand under Pool

Having too much sand underneath your pool can cause numerous issues. This excess of sand can create an uneven surface beneath the pool, which weakens its structure and increases the chance of punctures or tears in the liner. Furthermore, having extra sand may also block drainage systems and lead to water accumulating near the edge of the pool, resulting in more maintenance than usual for you.

The best way to ensure that there is not too much sand under your pool is to regularly check for any accumulation and make sure that it stays within a certain level during installation.

Putting a Tarp under a Pool

Putting a tarp under your pool is an important part of maintaining the health and longevity of the pool. A tarp can protect your pool from dirt, rocks, and other debris that could damage its surface or clog up its filters. It can also help to reduce accidental punctures caused by sharp stones or other objects in the ground.

Additionally, laying down a tarp will help to prevent water loss due to evaporation while also providing extra protection against corrosion caused by harsh weather conditions such as sun exposure and rain.

Foam under Intex Pool

Intex pools require a layer of foam to be placed underneath them for additional safety and cushioning. The foam is an important step in the installation process as it prevents any damage from occurring to the pool walls or floor, while also providing extra comfort when swimming. It’s best to use closed-cell foam, which is designed specifically for use with Intex pools and provides superior protection against water seepage.

Additionally, proper installation of this layer of foam will help ensure that your Intex pool lasts longer and maintains its structural integrity over time.

Foam Board under Pool Instead of Sand


Can I Use Foam Board under My Pool?

Yes, you can use foam board under your pool; this will provide an extra layer of cushioning and insulation. Here are some benefits of using foam boards: – It will provide additional protection against punctures and tears.

– Foam boards act as insulators to keep the water temperature consistent. – They also help reduce noise from the pool’s machinery and equipment. In summary, adding a layer of foam board beneath your pool is highly recommended for its protective and insulation benefits.

Do You Put Sand Or Foam under above Ground Pool?

Sand is typically used as the material of choice for base support under an above ground pool. Here are some reasons why:• Sand provides great drainage and level support.

• It’s easy to find, transport, and store. • Sand can be easily re-arranged if the pool needs to be moved or adjusted in any way. • And it’s much less expensive than foam padding or other materials that could also work well with an above ground pool set up.

What Can I Put under My Pool Besides Sand?

You can use several other materials instead of sand to fill the area under your pool. Here are a few options:• Gravel: This filling material is usually made up of small stones and rocks, which provide support for the sides and bottom of your pool.

It also helps prevent water from seeping away into soil below.• Rock Wool: Also known as mineral wool insulation, it’s composed of melted silica-based rock that has been spun into fine fibers or mats. It provides great insulation against extreme temperatures, making it ideal for outdoor installations like pools.

• Styrofoam Beads: These lightweight pieces can be used to fill in gaps between panels or sections of the pool walls providing added strength and stability. They are also resistant to moisture so they won’t absorb any water from rainfall or splashes from swimmers!

Can I Use Foam Board under My Intex Pool?

Yes, you can use foam board under your Intex pool. Benefits of using foam board include:• Improved insulation and energy efficiency.

Foam boards contain air pockets that help to keep the water temperature consistent while reducing heat loss.• Enhanced safety and stability. Foam boards provide a level surface for the pool bottom which helps reduce slips and trips in wet areas around the pool edge.

• Cost savings on chemicals and maintenance costs over time due to better circulation and filtration of the water, resulting in cleaner pools with less algae growth.

foam pool foundation, one year later


It is clear that foam board under a pool can be an effective and cost-efficient alternative to sand. It provides better insulation, which reduces energy costs, and it also prevents grass growth under the pool. Additionally, it is easier to install than sand and does not require as much maintenance or replacement over time.

Therefore, for those looking for an affordable and eco-friendly way of setting up their pool base, using a foam board could be a great option.

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