Frog Leap Pool System Reviews

The Frog Leap pool system has been getting rave reviews from customers and experts alike. The system is designed to offer a complete solution for all your swimming pool needs, with its wide range of features and benefits. Customers have praised the ease of installation, as well as the affordability of the system compared to other alternatives on the market.

Additionally, people have reported that their pools are much cleaner after using this system due to its effective filtration system and circulation pumps. Furthermore, users have also commented that it takes very little effort in order to maintain and keep clean their pools using this product. In conclusion, based on customer feedback it can be said that Frog Leap Pool System is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality swimming pool maintenance solution at an affordable price point.

Frog Leap Pool System reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with many users raving about the ease of installation, the efficiency of the system in filtering and sanitizing their pool water, and its affordability. The Frog Leap system has been praised for its ability to extend the life of chlorine tablets or granules by up to three times their normal duration without compromising on performance. Users also appreciate that it’s easy to maintain as there is no need for backwashing or filter cleaning every few months.

All in all, this budget-friendly pool sanitation system is a great option for anyone looking to keep their pool clean and inviting all summer long!

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Frog Leap Pool System Reviews


Do You Use Chlorine With Frog System?

Yes, chlorine is used with a FROG system. Chlorine helps to:• Kill bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms in the pool water

• Prevent algae growth • Reduce bad odor from the pool water caused by organic matter such as sweat, body oils, etc. It also helps maintain proper pH levels for swimmers’ comfort and safety.

How Does Frog Leap Pool System Work?

The FROG Leap pool system is a sanitization method that uses minerals and natural enzymes to keep swimming pools clean. It works by: – Adding patented mineral reservoir cartridges to the pool’s skimmer basket.

– The minerals dissolve in the water, killing bacteria while also making it gentler on your skin and eyes. – Natural enzymes added to the water break down oils and other organics which can cause odors or discoloration. – A pH regulator lowers acidity levels, stabilizing chlorine for longer lasting sanitation without harsh chemical smells and irritations.

FROG Leap’s all-in-one solution helps maintain crystal clear, healthy swimming pool water with fewer chemicals required than traditional chlorination systems.

How Long Does the Pool Frog System Last?

The Pool Frog System is designed to last for five years. It offers the following benefits: • Automated chlorination: eliminates manual adjustments and guesswork from pool maintenance, reducing effort and time spent on upkeep

• Long-lasting sanitizing power: provides a continuous supply of chlorine for up to five years • Easy installation: no tools or special equipment required, making it one of the simplest systems to install and use. The system’s long lasting performance makes it an ideal choice for all types of swimming pools.

Does Pool Frog Work?

Yes, Pool Frog works. Its patented mineral and chlorine delivery system helps keep your pool water clean and sparkling all season long:• Easy to install

• Automatically maintains ideal pH level • Reduces chemical usage by up to 50% • Compatible with any existing pool system

Pool Frog is an efficient way to keep your pool healthy without the hassle of manual maintenance. With its advanced technology, you can enjoy a cleaner swimming experience all summer long.

2 week upkeep on Frog Leap pool system ( tornado packs / chlorine & filter cleaning )


The Frog Leap Pool System is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade or install a new pool system. It offers convenience, cost savings, and reliable performance that can help you enjoy your pool more. With its ease of installation and operation, the Frog Leap Pool System is sure to be an asset in any backyard oasis.

Thanks to its energy-efficient design and quality components, this system will save you money while providing years of fun-filled summer days in the pool.

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