How to Blow Out Pool Lines With Shop Vac

To blow out pool lines with a shop vac, first turn off the power to the pump and filter. Then disconnect one end of the return line from the filter, and secure it in an upright position so that water can drain out. Connect your shop vac’s hose to the other end of the return line where it was disconnected from the filter.

Hold your thumb over one end of the vacuum hose while you turn on its power and let it run until all water has been sucked up into its tank. After this is done, disconnect your shop vac’s hose from the pool‘s return line before turning off its power button.

  • Step 1: Locate the section of your pool line where you will be able to attach a shop vac
  • This can usually be found at the skimmer or in an area where there is access to suction pipes
  • Make sure that all valves are closed so that no water flows into the treatment system while you are performing this task
  • Step 2: Connect a short piece of hose from the outlet on your shop vac to the inlet on your pool line
  • Securely fasten both ends with hose clamps, and then turn on your shop vac
  • Step 3:Open all of the valves located along the length of your pool lines one by one until you have full suction going through them
  • You may need to adjust these valves slightly as you go along if some sections appear not to have enough flow or too much pressure coming out of them respectively
  • Step 4 : Once all lines have been opened, start blowing air through each section using compressed air or an air compressor set up for this purpose
  • Move slowly down each pipe ensuring that all debris is removed before continuing onto another part of the system
  • Step 5 : When finished, close off any remaining open valves and disconnect your shop vac from the line before turning it off completely

Blowing Out Pool Lines With Leaf Blower

Blowing out pool lines with a leaf blower is an easy and effective way to clean debris from your swimming pool’s plumbing system. By connecting the leaf blower to one end of the line, you can force air through the pipes and blow away any dirt, leaves or other materials that have collected in them. This simple process can help prevent clogs and improve your pool’s water circulation.

Blowing Out Pool Lines With Compressor

Blowing out pool lines with a compressor is an easy and effective way to clear the lines of excess water before winterizing your swimming pool. Using a special adapter, you can connect your air compressor to the skimmer line which will force all of the standing water through the filter system and back into your pool. This method is much easier than draining each individual pipe by hand, and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

Blowing Out Pool Lines Through Skimmer

The process of blowing out pool lines through the skimmer involves connecting a compressor to the skimmer and then running the air through the entire plumbing system. This helps remove any water that may have been left in your pipes from last season, making sure that no freezing will occur during cold weather. After all of the water has been cleared, you should close off valves, clear any debris from inside the pipes, and turn on your pump to ensure proper circulation throughout your pool’s plumbing system.

Shop Vac Pool Adapter

The Shop Vac Pool Adapter is a convenient way to clean out your pool without having to use a traditional vacuum. It allows you to attach the shop vac hose directly to the skimmer of your swimming pool, making it easy and efficient for removing leaves and other debris from the bottom or sides of your pool. The adapter comes with all necessary hoses and attachments so you can get started right away.

Cost to Blow Out Pool Lines

Blowing out the lines in a pool is an important maintenance task that should be done annually. It can cost anywhere from $50 to $150, depending on the size of the pool and complexity of the plumbing system. Some professionals may even charge additional fees for extra equipment or labor involved in blowing out multiple pools at once.

To get an accurate estimate for your specific situation, contact a local service provider for details.

How to Blow Out Pool Lines With Shop Vac


How Much Air Pressure Do You Need to Blow Out Pool Lines?

You will need to use an air compressor with a minimum of 30 PSI to blow out pool lines. Here are some tips for blowing out the lines: – Connect the air compressor and attach the hose

– Turn off all filtration equipment and valves – Use a valve adapter on each line to be blown out – Begin at the highest point in the system and work your way down, opening valves along the way.

This ensures that any water remaining in lower points is pushed out by compressed air pressure. When finished, turn off both valves used for blowing out pool lines and disconnect from compressor.

How Do I Blow Out My in Ground Pool Lines?

To blow out the lines of your in-ground pool, you’ll need to: 1. Turn off the main pump. 2. Connect an air compressor to a garden hose and place the other end into a vacuum line.

3. Open a valve connected to each pipe that leads from the pool equipment to filter and heater so no water can get back in once it’s been blown out. 4. Activate the air compressor for about 10 minutes on each pipe until all of them are completely drained of water and ice cold when touched with hands or feet outside the pool area. 5. Close all valves once done, turn on pump and check system for any leaks before filling up with fresh water again!

Can You Use Shop Vac Hose for Pool Vacuum?

Yes, you can use a shop vac hose for pool vacuum. Here are the steps: • Attach the shop vac to the skimmer box or connect with a separate intake line.

• Connect the vacuum head and hose to one end of the shop vac hose. • Plug in and turn on your pump motor. • Move slowly across your pool surface using an overlapping pattern.

Make sure you do regular maintenance checks on both your equipment and pool itself as this will help improve performance of any type of cleaning tools used for swimming pools.

Is a Shop Vac Strong Enough to Blow Out Pool Lines?

A shop vac can be used to blow out pool lines. However, it may not be as efficient as a dedicated pool line blower. Here are some points to consider:

• Shop vacs lack the power of a dedicated pool line blower and won’t provide enough air pressure for larger pools. • The air suction from the shop vac is not strong enough to completely remove all water from the pipes. • You’ll need to use multiple passes with your shop vac in order to get all of the water out of your pool lines.

Overall, while you can use a shop vacuum for blowing out your swimming pool’s lines, it may not always be the most efficient option due to its lack of power and air pressure capabilities compared to dedicated equipment designed specifically for this purpose.

How to Blow Out Your Swimming Pool's Plumbing Lines |


In conclusion, knowing how to blow out pool lines with a shop vac is an invaluable skill for any pool owner. Not only can it help save time and money when closing a pool, but it can also help prevent costly repairs from occurring due to frozen water in the pipes. With some basic supplies such as a shop vac and air compressor, you can easily complete this task yourself and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pools plumbing system is properly shut down for the winter season.

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