How to Replace Pentair Globrite Pool Light

1. Turn off the circuit breaker that powers the Pentair Globrite pool light. This will ensure that you don’t electrocute yourself when removing or replacing your pool light. 2. Remove the screws holding the faceplate of the Pentair Globrite in place and pull out to remove it from its niche in the side of your swimming pool wall, exposing a plastic housing with two wires coming out of it attached to a junction box inside the niche.

3. Disconnect both wires from their respective connections on either side of each wire nut by twisting them counterclockwise until they are loose enough to be pulled apart by hand and set aside for later use when installing new lighting unit. 4. Unscrew any other mounting screws securing light fixture into place within its niche before pulling it straight out and away from wall so as not damage surrounding area around where unit was installed such as concrete decking or coping stones near edge of water line if applicable (ease up on pressure if necessary). 5. Take care to note how previous wiring was routed through various junctions boxes along backside or outside perimeter walls before cutting free all old cables connecting lights together at source point within main power supply panel located somewhere nearby swimming pool structure itself (if required).

6 . With old pentair globrite removed, install new lighting unit following manufacturer instructions provided regarding proper installation steps associated with this particular product being used today – such as type/gauge electrical cable needed for connection between transformer/junction box etc., number & size nuts used when securing conduit fittings into place etc..

  • Turn off the power to your pool’s electrical circuit at the main breaker box
  • It is important to ensure there is no electricity running through the system before attempting any repairs or replacements
  • Remove the screws that hold down the Pentair Globrite light with a Phillips screwdriver and gently pull out of its niche in the wall of the swimming pool
  • Disconnect all wiring from light by unscrewing their respective nuts and bolts, then disconnect each wire from its connector on top of light fixture one at a time so it can be easily remembered how they are connected when new fixture is installed later on
  • Be sure to note which wires go where for easy installation later! 4
  • Install new Pentair Globrite pool light into same niche as old model was removed from and secure with screws you had previously taken out earlier using your Philips screwdriver again if necessary (check manufacturer instructions)
  • Make sure alignment is correct before tightening down completely! If needed, use sealant or caulk around edges to keep water from leaking inside wall cavity during operation time periods after installation process has been completed successfully
  • 5 Reconnect wiring back onto connectors on top of new Pentair Globrite Pool Light using same configuration as noted earlier when disconnected them from previous model – double check connections prior turning power back on at main breaker box!

Replacing Pentair Globrite Led Pool Light

Replacing a Pentair Globrite LED pool light is an easy task for any DIYer. It only requires basic tools and knowledge of the replacement parts that are necessary to complete the job. The new LED light will provide your pool with bright lighting during nighttime swims, and it can also help reduce energy costs due to its low power consumption.

Additionally, this particular type of light is designed to last much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, making it a smart choice for anyone looking for a cost-effective upgrade.

Pentair Globrite Replacement 602054

The Pentair Globrite Replacement 602054 is a high-quality pool light that offers superior brightness and color intensity. This light features a white plastic face with stainless steel screws for easy installation, as well as an LED bulb to help reduce energy costs. The lamp body is made of corrosion resistant materials and comes equipped with an automatic thermal protection shutoff feature, making it ideal for long term use in any swimming pool environment.

With its durable construction and bright lighting capabilities, the Pentair Globrite Replacement 602054 is sure to provide your pool with beautiful illumination all summer long!

Pentair Globrite Problems

Pentair Globrite lights are a popular lighting choice for pools and spas, but there are some common problems that may arise with these lights. These issues include broken seals, corrosion of the light housing, or incorrect wiring by the installer. If you’re having trouble with your Pentair Globrite lights, it’s important to inspect them closely to identify any potential issues before calling a professional pool service technician for repairs.

Pentair Globrite Warranty

The Pentair Globrite warranty is one of the best warranties in the industry, providing customers with a full two-year warranty that covers parts and labor. The warranty also extends to all Pentair products, ensuring that customers can get a replacement if something goes wrong with their pool lighting system. Customers are also covered for any technical issues or product defects, offering peace of mind when investing in this quality product.

Pentair Globrite Light

The Pentair Globrite Light is a high-tech LED pool light that provides vibrant, energy efficient lighting for your swimming pool. The low voltage design of the Globrite light helps to reduce energy consumption and costs while also providing brighter and more consistent color than traditional incandescent lights. It features fully adjustable color settings so you can customize the look of your swimming pool with ease.

Additionally, its stainless steel construction makes it corrosion resistant and durable, perfect for long lasting use in any outdoor environment.

How to Replace Pentair Globrite Pool Light


How Do I Change the Bulb in My Pentair Pool Light?

Changing the bulb in a Pentair pool light involves a few steps: • Turn off power: Locate and turn off power source to the light. • Remove housing cover: Unscrew fasteners to remove housing cover from the niche.

• Unscrew lamp holder: Carefully unscrew lamp holder from socket. • Replace bulb with new one: Place new bulb into socket and screw back into position until snug. • Reassemble housing cover: Securely reattach housing cover back onto niche, making sure all screws are tightened.

• Restore power supply to light fixture: After successful installation, restore power supply to ensure proper function of new bulb. Changing your Pentair pool light’s bulbs is easy when following these simple steps!

How Do You Remove a Pentair Pool Light?

To remove a Pentair pool light, follow these steps: * Turn off power to the light. * Unscrew the retaining ring and backing plate from the wall of the pool.

* Pull out old light housing and unplug existing wiring harness. * Install new Pentair Light and reattach wiring harness. * Securely fasten backing plate and retaining ring to wall of pool.

Finally, turn on power to your new light!

How Do You Change a Globe Pool Light?

Changing a globe pool light is relatively simple and requires only a few tools. -Turn off the power to the circuit that powers your pool light. -Locate where the globe light is connected to its housing inside the pool wall.

-Carefully unscrew and remove the old, broken globe from its housing while being mindful of any debris or water trapped in there. -Install and attach your new globe making sure it’s securely fastened with no gaps between it and its housing. -Switch on the power again, test out your new light by turning it on, check for leaks around connections then enjoy!

Can You Change a Pool Light Fixture Without Draining the Pool?

Yes, it is possible to change a pool light fixture without draining the pool. The steps required include: • Turning off electricity to the area of the pool where the light is located.

• Removing any screws that are holding the old light in place. • Disconnecting wires from the existing light and connecting them to new one. • Installing new fixture with screws provided and making sure it’s secure.

• Powering up again safely and ensuring proper functioning of lights. To avoid getting shocked or damaging property, always work with caution when dealing with electrical wiring near water.

Replace your Pentair GLOBRITE pool lights – Detailed walkthrough


Replacing the Pentair Globrite pool light is a simple process that requires minimal effort. It only takes a few minutes to replace the light, and you can quickly have your pool looking bright and beautiful once again. With this easy guide, anyone can safely and successfully replace their pool’s lighting system.

Now that you know how to replace the Pentair Globrite pool light, you are ready to get started!

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