How to Reset Pentair Easy Touch Panel

1. Locate the reset button on the Easy Touch panel, which is located in the top right corner of the display screen. 2. Press and hold down the reset button for five seconds until a message appears that says “Please wait while system reboots” or similar wording. 3. Wait approximately two minutes to allow time for all components to be reset before attempting further operation with the system.

4. When power-up sequence has completed and you are back at main menu page, press ‘Home’ key to confirm successful reboot process was completed successfully and start using your Pentair Easy Touch Panel as normal again!

  • Locate the Easy Touch Panel: The Pentair Easy Touch Panel is typically installed on a wall near the pool equipment
  • To reset it, you will need to locate and access this panel
  • Power Off the Control System: Before beginning any type of reset, make sure that all power sources connected to the control system are turned off in order to avoid damage or injury during installation or maintenance of the unit
  • Disconnect Wires and Cables: After powering off the control system, carefully disconnect all wires and cables from the Easy Touch Panel before attempting any kind of reset procedure on it
  • Remove Cover Plate: Use a screwdriver to remove cover plate from over top of circuit board located inside panel box (if present)
  • Carefully pull out circuit board so that you can see where each wire/cable is connected for each component within your particular easy touch model/type
  • 5
  • Locate Reset Button : On most models there should be a small red button labeled “reset” somewhere on either side or backside of printed circuit board within enclosed space; press this once with finger firmly until clicking noise occurs – indicating successful activation
  • 6 Reconnect Wires and Cables : Once reset has been accomplished re-connect all wires/cables as previously noted above ; then replace cover plate securely fastening screws into place tightly
  • 7 Turn On Power Sources : Finally turn back on all power sources connected to control system ensuring that they are properly functioning prior to testing operation again with remote device (i
  • e smartphone, tablet etc)

Pentair Easy Touch Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing any issues with your Pentair Easy Touch, the first step to take is to troubleshoot it. Before attempting any repairs, check for common problems such as power interruptions or water pressure changes. If these checks don’t resolve the issue, consult your user manual and follow its instructions on how to locate a service center or contact customer support.

Troubleshooting can also involve checking electrical components and testing sensors; if you feel uncomfortable doing this yourself then seek professional help.

Pentair Easy Touch Troubleshooting No Comm

If you are having trouble connecting your Pentair Easy Touch to the home automation system, it could be because of a communication failure. In this case, you should troubleshoot by ensuring that all cables and wires are connected properly and that your router is working correctly. Additionally, make sure that the power supply is functioning as intended and reset both your Pentair Easy Touch controller as well as the home automation system.

If these steps don’t work then try updating firmware or contacting customer service for further help.

Pentair Easy Touch Fuse Replacement

Replacing a fuse on the Pentair Easy Touch Pool Automation System is simple and can be done in just minutes. With the easy-to-follow instructions provided, it only takes three steps – unplugging from power source, opening the enclosure door, removing old fuse and replacing with a new one. The system has an intuitive design that allows for fast troubleshooting and repairs so you can get your pool running again quickly.

How to Use Pentair Easytouch Control System

The Pentair Easytouch Control System is a great way to take control of your backyard pool or spa. It offers easy-to-use and intuitive controls that provide quick access to all the features you need, from lighting and water features to temperature regulation and filtration settings. With this system, you can easily monitor and adjust your pool’s conditions with just the press of a button.

Plus, it even allows for remote operation via smartphone or tablet so you can make changes from anywhere in the world!

Pentair Easy Touch Freeze Protection Setting

The Pentair Easy Touch Freeze Protection Setting is a great way to protect your pool from freezing temperatures. This setting allows you to set a temperature for the pool that will activate when the outdoor temperature drops below it, turning on the pump and circulating warm water through the lines and equipment to keep them from freezing. This feature can save you money by preventing freeze damage and also provide peace of mind knowing your pool is protected in colder climates.

How to Reset Pentair Easy Touch Panel


How to Delete a Schedule in Pentair Easy Touch Control System?

Deleting a schedule in the Pentair easy touch control system requires several steps. • Navigate to the Menu and select Schedules • Choose Delete on the Upper Right hand corner of the screen

• Select your desired schedule to delete • Confirm your selection with Yes By following these steps, users can quickly and easily delete any existing schedules from their Pentair Easy Touch Control System.

How Do I Update My Pentair Easy Touch?

To update your Pentair Easy Touch, follow these steps: 1. Download the latest version of firmware from the manufacturer’s website 2. Connect the device to a computer via USB cable and launch the software

3. Follow onscreen instructions to complete installation 4. Restart your system after successful completion of installation. Once you have successfully updated your Pentair Easy Touch, you will enjoy improved performance and enhanced features for optimal use.

How Do You Program a Pentair Easy Touch Control System?

Programming a Pentair Easy Touch Control System can be done in the following steps: – Connect your controller to the internet. – Log into your account on MyPool app and add device.

– Follow instructions to configure settings like pool size, heater type etc. – Select desired automation options and customize schedules as required. – Save changes, verify that they have been applied correctly and you’re all set!

The entire process is simple and straightforward, allowing you to take complete control of your pool’s operations with just the touch of a button!

What is Timeout Mode on Pentair?

Timeout mode on Pentair is a feature which limits the amount of time an appliance will run for. This helps you conserve energy and can be useful to prevent overloading your electrical system. The benefits of timeout mode include:

– Saves energy – appliances only run for the set amount of time, reducing electricity consumption overall. – Prevents overloads – if too many appliances are running at once, it can cause an overload in your electrical system leading to damage or fire hazards. Timeout mode prevents this by limiting how long each appliance runs for.

– Increased safety – when used correctly, timeout mode reduces the risk of injury or damage due to prolonged use of appliances.

EasyTouch® Pool and Spa Control Outdoor Panel Overview


This blog post has provided a useful guide on how to reset the Pentair Easy Touch Panel. It is important to take note of all the steps necessary for successfully completing this task, as well as being aware of any potential issues that may arise during the process. With the help of this blog post, you should now have an understanding of what it takes to complete this job and be able to perform it with ease!

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