How to Take down Intex Pool

1. Gather the necessary supplies: a shop vac, a wet/dry vacuum, an adjustable wrench or pool pump pliers, and a garden hose with enough length to reach from your Intex pool to your house.2. Turn off the filter pump and disconnect it from the hoses leading into and out of the pool. Then remove any other equipment attached to the wall such as skimmers or ladders.

3. Remove all of the water in the pool by using either a shop vac or wet/dry vacuum connected to one end of the garden hose that is connected on its other end to an outdoor faucet near your home’s foundation.4. Unscrew both ends connecting each piece of tubing together using either an adjustable wrench or pliers until you have removed all sections of piping for storage purposes later on when you wish to re-assemble them at another location if desired. This should include any connectors joining tubes together as well as unions between sections of pipe that form part of your swimming pools frame structure itself (for example: top rails) .

5 Take down each individual wall panel starting at one side working toward opposite side until entire wall has been disassembled . Make sure not leave anything behind including screws holding panels together as this can significantly shorten lifespan if left exposed outdoors for extended periods time without protection from elements like sun rain snow etc.. Lastly once everything has been taken apart properly dispose properly according local laws regulations regarding waste disposal systems respective area which will usually involve recycling centers salvage yards etc..

  • Shut off the power to the pump: Before beginning to take down your Intex pool, make sure that you turn off all of the power sources connected to it
  • This includes unplugging any pumps or other electrical devices associated with your Intex pool and turning off any breakers related to it in your main breaker box
  • Drain out water from Pool: Once all of the power has been turned off, you can begin draining out the water from your Intex pool by using a submersible pump or a garden hose
  • If you’re using a hose for this step, attach one end to an outdoor faucet and then place the other end at either end of your Intex pool until it is completely drained out
  • Disconnect Any Hoses Connected To The Pump: Once all of the water has been removed from the Intex pool, disconnect any hoses that may be attached to its filter system or pump before taking down further steps in disassembling it
  • Make sure that these hoses are disconnected properly so as not to cause damage when re-installing them later on if needed
  • 4 Remove Above Ground Frame From Pool Liner : After disconnecting any hoses attached to its filter system and drain plugs, use a Phillips head screwdriver or wrench (depending on what type of screws were used)to removethe frame pieces surroundingthepool liner itself while working slowly but carefully around each edgeofit until they come awayfromthesideofthepoollinercompletely
  • 5 Fold Up The Pool Liner Carefully And Securely :OnceyouhaveremovedallofframepiecesfromaroundtheIntexpoo land have unclippedanyhoseattachedtothefilterorpumpunit ,carefull y foldupyourpoollinerandsecureitwithtwineorziptiesforstoringlateron

How to Take down Intex Ultra Frame Pool

Taking down an Intex Ultra Frame Pool is a relatively easy task that can be done with the assistance of a few friends. Before beginning, you’ll need to thoroughly drain the pool and remove all hoses, pumps, and filters from the pool area. Next, disassemble the frame by unscrewing each post or tube one at a time until only two posts remain connected.

At this point, it’s important to have multiple people helping in order to prevent any damage to the liner as you lower it down into its original box. Once everything has been taken apart completely for storage or disposal, your Intex Ultra Frame Pool should now be successfully taken down!

How to Take down Intex Rectangular Pool

Taking down an Intex rectangular pool is a straightforward task that can be accomplished in just a few steps. First, begin by draining the pool of all water using either a submersible pump or siphon. Next, remove any accessories or debris from the inside and outside of the pool walls.

Then use tools to carefully disassemble and take apart each piece of metal frame before rolling up the vinyl liner for safe storage until next season. Finally, clean up any remaining pieces and store them away securely until you are ready to set it back up again!

Metal Frame Pool Disassembly

When it comes time to disassemble your metal frame pool, you’ll want to make sure that all of the necessary steps are taken in order to ensure a safe and successful dismantling process. Start by draining all of the water from the pool and removing any remaining accessories such as pumps, filters, or skimmers. Next, carefully remove each piece of the frame from its anchors or stakes before finally folding up and storing away for future use.

With proper care during assembly and disassembly, your metal frame pool can provide years of backyard fun!

How to Dry Out an Intex Pool

To dry out an Intex pool, first make sure that the water level has been reduced to below the skimmer box. Next, remove all of the hoses and plugs from around your Intex Pool. Once these steps have been completed, you can use a sump pump or wet/dry vac to suck up any remaining water in the pool.

Be careful not to damage any sensitive surfaces when doing so! Finally, once all of the excess water has been removed, fill in any low spots with dirt and sand for additional stability.

Intex Pool Storage Bag

Intex Pool Storage Bag is an ideal solution for storing and protecting your pool supplies. It is made of durable, heavy-duty material that can withstand the elements, making it a great choice for keeping your pool equipment safe from rain and sun damage. The convenient handles on each end make it easy to transport the bag when you need to move it around or store it away.

Additionally, its strong zippers keep everything securely in place while providing quick access whenever needed.

How to Take down Intex Pool


What is the Best Way to Take down an above Ground Pool?

The best way to take down an above ground pool involves the following steps:– Drain the water from the pool. – Disconnect any hoses and pumps connected to the filter system.

– Take apart all of the railings and ladders attached to the sides of pool. – Remove any liners or covers that are covering up parts of your pool. – Slowly begin to disassemble each piece of metal frame until eventually, only a few pieces remain standing.

– Carefully take out those remaining pieces and place them in storage for future use if possible.By taking these steps you can easily dismantle an above ground swimming pool without damaging it so that you can reuse components at a later date when needed.

Should I Take down My Intex Pool?

Yes, you should take down your Intex pool. Here are some reasons why: – To avoid accidents and injuries due to a damaged pool structure.

– To prevent water loss which can lead to contamination of the environment. – To reduce the risk of algae growth caused by stagnant pool water. Taking down your intex pool is an important step in ensuring safety and protecting your investment in swimming fun for years to come!

How Do You Fold an Intex Pool for Storage?

To fold an Intex pool for storage, follow these steps: 1. Clear the top of the pool and remove all objects from inside it. 2. Let out any remaining air by pressing down on the sides of the pool with your hands or feet.

3. Carefully roll up one side of the pool’s edges onto itself until you reach its center point. 4. Roll up the other half in a similar fashion to meet in the middle and secure with a rope or heavy-duty tie straps at intervals across its length for stability during transit and storage if needed. 5. Once folded, transport or store away carefully in a cool dry place that is free from pests such as rodents who may chew through material and damage your pool before use again next season!

How Do You Take down an Intex Pool Metal Frame?

Taking down an Intex pool metal frame is a relatively easy but time-consuming task. To ensure a successful take-down, follow these steps: * Unscrew the outer bolts and screws that hold the frames together.

Use a screwdriver or wrench for this step. * Carefully lift off the top rail of each side of the pool from its bottom rails and set it aside. Do not force or bend any parts as you may damage them in the process.

* Disassemble each remaining part by unscrewing all internal bolts and removing every rod until no pieces remain connected to one another. * Empty out any water in the filter system, pump and hoses before hauling away all dismantled parts of your Intex pool metal frame.

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Draining and Take Down


Taking down an Intex pool can be a daunting task if you don’t know what to expect. With the right tools and instructions, however, it’s a relatively straightforward process that requires minimal effort. Before beginning the project, check with your local municipality to determine any laws or regulations regarding draining pools and disposing of pool water on private property.

Once you have all the necessary permits in place, use caution when taking apart parts of the pool structure and safely transport all materials offsite for proper disposal. Following these steps will ensure a safe and successful takedown of your Intex pool.

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