Pentair Screenlogic Will Not Connect Remotely

Pentair ScreenLogic is a pool and spa automation system that allows users to control their pool remotely. If your Pentair ScreenLogic system will not connect remotely, there could be several factors at play. First, make sure the remote device has an active internet connection since this is required for any remote access to work.

Then check that the IP address within the app’s settings matches with what you have set up in your network router (if applicable). Additionally, ensure that port forwarding is set up correctly as well as firewall exceptions if necessary on both sides of the connection – local and remote. Finally, confirm that your phone or tablet has been whitelisted on your network so it can communicate with other devices such as Pentair ScreenLogic systems.

Pentair ScreenLogic is a great pool automation system, but sometimes it can be frustrating when the remote control will not connect remotely. If you’re having trouble with your Pentair ScreenLogic connection and are unable to access your pool from outside of your home network, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot this issue. Check that the wireless router is powered on and that all cables are properly connected.

Make sure that both devices (the wireless router and the Pentair ScreenLogic) have valid IP addresses assigned by your ISP. Additionally, if you’re using a Wi-Fi connection make sure it’s securely configured with password protection enabled. Finally, always ensure that any firewall settings allow for communication between the two devices before attempting another remote connection attempt.

Pentair Screenlogic Not Connecting Locally

Pentair Screenlogic is a pool and spa automation system that allows users to control the operation of their pools and spas remotely. However, some users have experienced difficulty connecting their systems locally. If you are having trouble connecting your Pentair ScreenLogic system locally, make sure that it is connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network with strong signal strength.

Additionally, ensure that the latest version of the software is installed on both the PC/laptop and mobile device as this can help resolve any connection issues.

Pentair Screenlogic Username And Password

Pentair ScreenLogic is a remote control system for your pool and spa that allows you to easily manage your backyard experience from the comfort of your home. To access this system, you’ll need to create a username and password. It’s important to keep this information secure and not share it with anyone else as it gives them access to controlling your pool or spa environment.

Pentair Screenlogic Remote Login Iphone

The Pentair Screenlogic Remote Login Iphone app is an easy-to-use tool that allows pool owners to access their pools from anywhere. With the app, users can control pumps, lights, heaters and more with just a few taps on their phone. The app also has features such as alarms and notifications if there are any problems with your pool’s systems.

Additionally, you can check water quality levels directly from your iPhone while away from home.

Pentair Screenlogic Connect Waiting for Wifi

Pentair ScreenLogic Connect is a mobile app that allows users to control their pool and spa equipment from anywhere. However, if you are having trouble connecting your device to the internet, it may be because of an issue with your Wi-Fi signal. To resolve this issue, make sure all devices connected to your network are updated, restart both the router and the Pentair ScreenLogic Connect application on mobile devices, and check for any Wi-Fi interference in the area.

Pentair Screenlogic Support

Pentair ScreenLogic Support provides a variety of resources and tools to help you maintain and troubleshoot your Pentair equipment. From helpful tutorials, FAQs, product manuals and installation guides, to technical support teams available for live chat or phone assistance, Pentair ScreenLogic Support is designed to provide all the information you need to get the most out of your pool system.

Pentair Screenlogic Will Not Connect Remotely


How Do I Connect My Pentair Screenlogic to Wifi?

To connect your Pentair ScreenLogic to WIFI, follow these steps: – Ensure your router is in range of the computer, tablet or smartphone you are using. – Install the ScreenLogic Connect software on a Windows PC or Mac.

– Open the app and click ‘Connect’, then select ‘Create New Connection’. – Follow prompts to enter wifi credentials and create connection. – After completing setup, you should see confirmation that it was successful.

Once connected you can use the app to control settings remotely from your mobile device as well as view pool data such as pH level and water temperature readings in real time.

How Do I Connect My Pentair Screenlogic App?

To connect your Pentair ScreenLogic app: * Install the Pool Control App from the Apple store or Google Play Store. * Connect to your home Wi-Fi network and launch the App.

* Enter your pool controller’s IP address, username and password into the setup page of the App. * Once connected, you can control settings right from your mobile device!

How Do I Reset My Screenlogic Password?

To reset your ScreenLogic password: • Open the ScreenLogic Connect mobile app. • Tap ‘Settings’ and select ‘Pentair Login’.

• Select ‘Forgot Password?’ and enter your username or email address associated with your account. • Follow instructions to receive a password reset link via email. Once you have followed these steps, you can create a new password for your ScreenLogic account.

How Do I Connect My Pentair Screenlogic to Google?

To connect your Pentair ScreenLogic to Google, there are a few steps you will need to take: • Download the free iAquaLink App from either the Apple or Android store. • Once downloaded, open the app and follow the onscreen instructions.

• Ensure that your Wi-Fi is enabled and your device is connected. • Select “Add New Device” when prompted and choose “ScreenLogic” as your device type. • Follow further instructions provided by the app until complete.

After completing these steps, you should now be able to access and control your Pentair ScreenLogic through Google!

Screen Logic Basic Trouble shooting


Overall, it is clear that Pentair Screenlogic may not connect remotely if the correct troubleshooting steps are not taken. The most common cause of this issue is incorrect router settings or firewall blocking. To ensure a successful remote connection, users should first check their router settings and verify any firewall rules before contacting customer support for further assistance.

With these measures in place, the Pentair Screenlogic can be connected to remotely with ease.

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