Pool Skimmer Making Suction Noise: Causes and Solutions

The most probable cause of a pool skimmer making suction noise is a clogged skimmer basket or a blocked pool pump impeller. To determine which one is causing the noise, you should first check the skimmer basket and the pump impeller for any debris or obstructions.

A beautiful pool with crystal clear water is a fantastic addition to any home. The pool’s skimmer is one of the most critical components in keeping the pool clean and debris-free. Sometimes, however, you may notice that the skimmer is making a suction noise. This type of noise can be caused by a clogged skimmer basket or a blocked pool pump impeller. If either of these components is blocked or partially clogged, the skimmer’s suction power decreases, creating a suction noise. In this article, we’ll discuss the possible causes of a pool skimmer making suction noise and how to fix them.

Pool Skimmer Making Suction Noise: Causes and Solutions

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Understanding Pool Skimmer And Its Functioning

Pool skimmers are a crucial part of maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your pool. It functions by removing debris, leaves, and other floating objects from the surface of the water and transferring them to the skimmer basket. In addition, it also maintains the water level and circulates the water, ensuring that the pool is free from algae growth and other harmful bacteria.

Detailed Explanation Of The Structure Of Pool Skimmer

The pool skimmer consists of several components that work together to keep the pool clean.

  • Skimmer basket: this is where debris collected by the skimmer is deposited.
  • Weir: this is the flapper door that opens and closes the skimmer’s mouth as the water level fluctuates.
  • Skimmer faceplate: this is the opening through which the water flows into the skimmer.
  • Return jet: this is where treated water is returned to the pool after it has been processed in the filtration system.

Role Of Pool Skimmer In Maintaining The Cleanliness Of The Pool

The primary role of the pool skimmer is to keep the pool’s surface clean. When leaves, insects, and other debris collect on the water surface, they eventually degrade and make it difficult for the chemical treatment to work effectively. To keep the pool hygienic and prevent the growth of bacteria, the skimmer must work correctly and regularly remove any debris from the water.

Importance Of Proper Functioning Of Pool Skimmer For A Hygienic Pool Experience

A well-functioning pool skimmer is essential for maintaining a healthy and hygienic pool. Not only does it keep the water clear of debris, but it also aids in the filtration process and improves the effectiveness of the chemical treatment. A poorly functioning pool skimmer means that debris can accumulate and degrade in the pool and interfere with the efficiency of the filtration and chemical treatment systems.

A poorly maintained pool skimmer can affect the overall hygiene of the pool, making it unsafe for family and friends to use.

Understanding the functioning of the pool skimmer is vital for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your pool. By keeping the pool skimmer in good working order and ensuring that it regularly removes debris and other floating objects, you can enjoy a healthy, safe pool experience.

Reasons For Pool Skimmer Making Suction Noise

Pool Skimmer Making Suction Noise

If you’re a pool owner, you know how important it is to keep your pool clean. One important component of pool cleanliness is the pool skimmer. The skimmer works by creating a suction powered by the pool pump to draw water and debris into the skimmer basket.

However, if your skimmer is making a suction noise, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

Blockage In The Skimmer Basket

The skimmer basket is designed to catch debris before it can enter the pool’s plumbing system. However, if the basket is clogged or blocked, the skimmer’s suction can produce a loud noise. To fix this issue, turn off the pool pump and remove the basket.

Clean it out thoroughly with a hose or a brush, and then reinsert it back into the skimmer.

Clogged Suction Line

Over time, debris and dirt can build up in the suction line leading from the skimmer to the pool pump. A clogged suction line can impede water flow and result in a loud suction noise. To address this problem, turn off the pool pump and disconnect the suction line from the skimmer.

Then, using a pipe cleaner, remove any debris or dirt from the line. Reattach the line and turn the pool pump back on.

Air Leak In The Suction Line Or Pump

If there is an air leak in the suction line or pool pump, it can cause a loud suction noise in the skimmer. Check the gaskets and o-rings on the pump and suction line for any damage or wear. Replace any damaged parts to ensure an airtight seal.

Malfunctioning Pool Pump

A malfunctioning pool pump can also cause a suction noise in the skimmer. If the pump is making unusual sounds or vibrating excessively, it may need to be repaired or replaced. Contact a pool professional to diagnose and fix the issue.

Blockage Or Clogging In The Valves Or Pipes

If there is a blockage or clogging in the valves or pipes leading to the skimmer, it can cause a loud suction noise. To address this issue, turn off the pool pump and disconnect the valves or pipes. Clean out any debris or dirt and reattach the parts before turning the pump back on.

By addressing these common issues, you can fix the suction noise in your pool skimmer. Regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent these problems from occurring in the future and ensure your pool stays clean and well-functioning.

Air gets into line, Sucks air, Create Noise.

Troubleshooting Pool Skimmer Making Suction Noise

If you are a pool owner, you know how important it is to keep your pool clean and in good condition. One of the most vital components of the pool is the skimmer, which collects debris that enters the water.

However, if you hear a suction noise coming from your pool skimmer, it could be a sign of a problem. In this blog post, we will discuss how to troubleshoot a pool skimmer that is making suction noise.

Step-By-Step Guide To Diagnosing The Issue

Diagnosing a pool skimmer making suction noise requires a systematic approach.

  • First, check the skimmer basket to see if it is clogged.
  • Check the suction lines and pipes for clogs or damage.
  • Check the pump and valves for any damage or blockages.
  • Make sure the water level is high enough in the pool and the skimmer.

Solutions For Cleaning And Maintenance Of Skimmer Basket

To clean the skimmer basket:

  • Turn off the pool pump and remove the skimmer lid.
  • Take out the basket and remove any debris or leaves.
  • Wash the basket with a hose or in a sink with a power nozzle.
  • Replace the basket and fill the skimmer with water.

To maintain the skimmer basket, it is important to:

  • Clean the basket regularly to prevent clogs.
  • Replace the basket if it is damaged or broken.
  • Check the skimmer weir periodically to make sure it is working properly.

Instructions For Checking And Cleaning Suction Lines And Pipes

To check the suction lines and pipes:

  • Turn off the pool pump and close the skimmer valve.
  • Open the main drain valve and turn on the pump.
  • If water is not coming out of the main drain, there may be a clog in the suction lines or pipes.
  • Use a drain auger or a plumber’s snake to clear the clog.
  • Clean the pipes and lines regularly to prevent clogs.

Guidelines For Checking Pump And Valves For Any Blockages Or Damage

To check the pump and valves:

  • Turn off the pool pump and remove the pump lid.
  • Check the impeller and shaft for any damage or blockages.
  • Remove any debris or leaves from the impeller.
  • Check the pump housing and gaskets for leaks or damage.
  • If there are any issues, repair or replace the components.

Following these guidelines will help to diagnose and troubleshoot any issues with your pool skimmer making suction noise. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the skimmer basket, suction lines and pipes, and pump and valves can prevent problems from arising. By ensuring proper care of your pool components, you can keep your pool running smoothly and enjoy it all summer long.

Preventive Measures For Pool Skimmer Maintenance

Importance Of Regular Pool Maintenance

Maintaining your pool regularly is essential to ensure it stays clean and operational throughout the year.

  • Keeps the pool looking clean and clear
  • Helps prevent bacteria and algae from growing in the pool
  • Helps maintain the chemical balance of the water
  • Extends the lifespan of pool equipment

Guidelines For Weekly And Monthly Checkups

Performing weekly or monthly checkups on your pool is vital to ensure it remains in good condition.

  • Check the water levels and adjust as necessary
  • Test the chemical levels and add chemicals if required
  • Inspect the pool equipment, including pumps, filters, and skimmers
  • Monitor the pool for any signs of damage or wear and tear

Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining The Skimmer Basket And Suction Lines

The skimmer basket and suction lines are crucial components of your pool’s filtration system.

  • Clean the skimmer basket at least once a week to prevent clogging
  • Remove any debris from the basket and discard it
  • Check the suction lines for obstructions, such as leaves or twigs, and clear them if necessary
  • Keep the area around the pool clean to prevent debris from entering the pool

Suggestions For Hiring A Professional Pool Maintenance Service

If you do not have the time or expertise to maintain your pool regularly, hiring a professional pool maintenance service is an excellent option.

  • Choose a company with a good reputation and experience in maintaining pools
  • Ensure that the company is licensed and insured
  • Verify that the company offers the services you require, such as pool cleaning, chemical balancing, and equipment maintenance
  • Ask for references from other clients and read reviews before making a final decision

By adhering to these preventive measures for pool skimmer maintenance, you can prolong the life of your pool, keep it clean and clear, and minimize the need for repairs and replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions For Pool Skimmer Making Suction Noise

What Can Cause A Pool Skimmer To Make A Suction Noise?

A pool skimmer can make a suction noise due to air entering the skimmer system, clogged or dirty skimmer baskets, damaged skimmer weirs, low water levels, or faulty suction lines. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning can prevent these issues from occurring.

Is A Suction Noise From A Pool Skimmer Always A Cause For Concern?

No, a suction noise from a pool skimmer is not always a cause for concern. It is normal for some suction sounds to be heard from the skimmer when it is on, but excessive noise may indicate a clog or air leak.

Regular maintenance and inspection can prevent issues.

How Can I Troubleshoot A Noisy Pool Skimmer?

A noisy pool skimmer can be caused by debris or air in the system. To troubleshoot, check for clogs, leaks, and proper water levels. If necessary, clean or replace the skimmer basket, empty the pump basket, and ensure the pool’s water level is at the recommended level.

If persistent, contact a pool professional.

What Steps Should I Take To Maintain My Pool Skimmer To Prevent Noisy Suction?

To maintain your pool skimmer and prevent noisy suction, regularly clean the skimmer basket and empty it as necessary. Check the skimmer flap to ensure it is not obstructed or damaged. Take care to ensure the water level in the pool is high enough to prevent air from entering the skimmer, causing noisy suction.

Finally, ensure the skimmer lid is properly secured to prevent air leaks.

Can A Noisy Pool Skimmer Affect The Quality Of My Pool Water?

Yes, a noisy pool skimmer can affect the quality of your pool water. If the skimmer is not working properly, it will not be able to remove debris, making your pool water dirty and unhealthy. It’s recommended to fix any noise issue with your pool skimmer at the earliest to avoid any further damage to your pool.


The pool skimmer is a vital part of your pool’s filtering system, and any strange noises should be promptly addressed. A suction noise coming from the pool skimmer can be caused by various reasons, such as air leakage, clogs, or worn-out gaskets.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the skimmer basket can prevent clogs and extend the life of your skimmer. It is important to check the pump and motor for any issues that may cause the skimmer to make abnormal sounds, and to contact a professional if needed.

By addressing the suction noise promptly, you can ensure that your pool is kept clean and functioning properly. With proper care and attention, you can enjoy a refreshing and healthy swimming experience. Remember to always keep an ear out for any unusual sounds, it could be a sign of issues with your pool equipment.

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