Can I Move My Air Purifier From Room To Room?

Yes, you can move the air purifier from room to room if it’s portable. Most modern purifiers are portable air purifiers because they have side-mounted grips or handles to move from one room to another. 

According to nmhealth organisation, if the air purifier isn’t removing pollutants from the air properly, it is better to change its location. Keep it in a high area with proper air circulation for the best results.

What Type of Air Purifier can You Move from Room to Room?

Three types of air purifiers are available on the market: portable air purifiers, whole-house air purifiers, and wall-mounted air purifiers. 

Among them, only the portable air purifier can be moved from one room to another. 

These purifiers have genuine HEPA filters and additional components like a handle or side-mounted grip to provide mobility. 

Air purifiers can be placed on floors or by the side of the shelf in the corner to evacuate air filled with harmful gases and germs. 

A small portable air purifier can cover 322.92 square feet(30 meters square) of area, whereas the big ones can cover 1,022.57 square feet( 95 square meters).

How To Move My Air Purifier From Room To Room Properly?

The process of moving the air purifier from one room to another is outlined below. 

Choosing the correct spot 

It is essential to choose the best place to put air purifiers in the living room, or they won’t get proper air circulation and cannot purify the air properly. You may follow these suggestions to choose the best place to put air purifier in living room.

Try to place it in an area with good air circulation 

Place the air purifier in an area with good air circulation so it can remove all dirt, germs, or gases in the air. 

It is better to keep it a pollutant-full area. 

If there is mold in your house or in the place where pets love to hang out, that area is filled with pollutants. So it is better to place the air purifier near that area.

Try to keep it at a higher spot.

It is better to keep the air purifier in a place that is a little higher than your floor. Air always flows 3 to 5 ft higher than the floor in the house. So try to keep the air purifier at that height. 

Do not use it in a humidity-full area

Try not to use an air purifier in humid areas. Humidity doesn’t allow the air purifier to work properly, so try to use a dehumidifier instead.

Make sure not to keep it near the window. 

The air purifier is structured so that it will inhale polluted air and purify it so that it can expel fresh air. When the air purifier is kept close to the window, it will start purifying the air coming from outside. So the inner section will start storing more pollutants.

Moving the air purifier to another room

  • First, unplug the plug of the air purifier. 
  • Now hold it properly so that it doesn’t fall from your hand. 
  • Carry it to the new room you want to place it in. 
  • Now plug in the air purifier to provide electricity to it. 
  • Click on the “Turn On” button to turn it on.

When Should You Not Move Your Air Purifier From Room To Room?

  • When the air purifier is in the perfect place, you should not move it from room to room. 
  • If the air purifier is purifying the air perfectly, it is better not to move it from room to room. 
  • When the air purifier is getting proper air circulation to purify the air, you should not move it. 
  • If the working area of the air purifier is the same as your room area, there is no need to move it to another room.


If the air purifier properly purifies your home’s air, it is best not to change its location. However, when it is not purifying the air properly, it is best to change its location. So if you have a question in mind, “Can I move my air purifier from room to room?”, yes, you can.

Because they include side-mounted grips or handles to transfer from one room to another, most current purifiers are portable air purifiers. Change the placement of the air purifier if it isn’t effectively eliminating contaminants from the air. For the best results, try to keep it up high where there is good airflow.

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