Can I Use Air Purifier And Humidifier At The Same Time?

Using air purifiers and humidifiers simultaneously is entirely okay, as they don’t interfere with their working functions.

An air purifier purifies the air even in wide humidity ranges. On the flip side, a humidifier works to maintain the moisture level of the air. 

Your house might need extra moisture in winter, as well, to reduce the effect of winter air pollution. Moments like these are the best time to use an air purifier and humidifier together. 

Air Purifier And Humidifier Difference 

Here you know some prime distinctions between the air purifier and humidifier. 

The subject of differenceAir PurifierAir Humidifier
Prime responsibilityRemoves air pollutants like dust, pollen, smoke, etc. Increases the relative humidity to a comfortable level. (40-50%).
Health benefitsKeep your lungs and respiratory organs safe. Keeps your whole body comfortable by removing dry air.
LifespanAir purifiers last average, between 2 to 5 years. They have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. 
The required amount of waterNo water is required.The water capacity of an air humidifier tank starts from half a gallon. 
Average pricingHEPA filter air purifier: $600 – $3,000UV
light filter: $200 – $400
UV light hybrid system: $800 – $1,800
Portable home air purifier: $500 – $1,800
Flow-through humidifier: $200 – $950
Drum humidifier: $100 – $300
Steam humidifier: $500 – $2,200
Spray-mist humidifier: $100 – $150

Use Of An Air Purifier 

The air purifier is mainly used to purify an occupied area’s air. Let’s see a few more uses of this instrument. 

  • Grabs allergy and asthma-causing microbes
  • Helps eliminate airborne chemicals
  • Removes pungent odors
  • Removes mold spores from the air
  • Eliminates pet hair and dander

Use Of Humidifier

An air humidifier comes with some valuable aspects for your health and surroundings.

  • To remove dryness of skin and hair
  • Helps in preventing influenza
  • Makes the moisture-loving houseplants more vibrant
  • Prevents vocal cords from being dry
  • Helps to protect the suppleness and integrity of your furniture

Air Purifier Or Humidifier For Asthma?

Both devices could be helpful for asthma patients. Allergies and pollens exist in the air and cause asthma most often. Air purifiers absorb all those particles, ensuring filtered air with the lowest allergens. 

Conversely, humidifiers are suitable for asthma patients as they make breathing easy. But, an imbalance of humidity created by a humidifier could be life-threatening, as it can worsen asthma.

Mayo Clinic says that: mist from a dirty humidifier can accelerate allergy problems. Otherwise, it’s fine.

When Should You Use Them Together?

Using an air purifier and humidifier together is an excellent idea to keep your resident warm and clean. Here you know some facts about when to use the two devices together.

During winter

Cold air during winter will surely hamper your whole body by decreasing moisture. The ideal humidity level exists between 45-50%.

Humidifiers work best when the humidity level is below 30%. Activating a humidifier can add the desired amount of moisture to the air. 

Besides, if you activate an air purifier, it can capture cold allergies. The risk of asthma, cold fever, and common respiratory diseases will be decreased.

Frequent respiratory and dryness problems will disappear quickly after running them together. 

When staying in a coastal area

The relative humidity of most coastal areas can be as high as 98%. But, it can decrease as low as 20-30% in cold, brittle conditions.

So, humidifiers are the savior in this circumstance. Also, using an air purifier at the same time helps you by protecting you from airborne particles. 

Covid-19 situations

A hybrid air purifier and a humidifier work best when it’s a Covid-19 situation. The air purifier with a HEPA filter technology can capture particles like Coronavirus.

To reduce their attack, humidifiers slow virus transmission by maintaining optimum humidity levels. 

Increased pollen attack

When it’s spring season, allergens, especially pollen, increase exponentially. Pollen causes nasal irritation, as well as asthma symptoms.

Using an air purifier and humidifier together destroys the allergens and keeps the environment moisturized. 

When should you not?

  • When your area has electricity problems
  • When you’re out of home
  • When you have patients with respiratory infections

Does Humidifier Affect Air Purifiers?

No, both devices run on specific working principles and purposes. Most modern air purifiers can perform in a wide humidity range. It’s because insufficient moisture may not affect functionality and productivity. Just ensure that they’re placed at a safe distance. 

Things To Consider While Using Air Purifier And Humidifier At The Same Time

Here you should follow some facts to consider while using an air purifier and humidifier simultaneously. 

Place them at a minimum distance.

Keeping the air humidifier at least 3 feet away from your bed is recommended. So, you should follow the same rule for an air purifier. Placing them in maintaining that distance will increase their effectiveness. 

Keep both devices clean.

A dirty air purifier filter is useless for capturing pollens or airborne particles. The home won’t be free of allergens if you don’t keep it clean. As a result, humidifiers also can’t resist the virus growth by increasing humidity.

Avoid problematic connection

Who else wants to damage the air purifier or humidifier just for a faulty socket?

Both devices are expensive, so you should carefully use them. Avoid any problematic connection to prevent electricity accidents and device damage. 


Using an air purifier and humidifier simultaneously is a pretty cool decision. You won’t just feel pleased with optimum humidity level, but also safe and stout.

Both devices have some side effects, but using them together is safe. 

Preventing allergen attacks is the responsibility of an air purifier. On the other hand, humidifiers prevent the spread of airborne particles by increasing humidity levels.

When your house is full of foul odor and low humidity in winter, go for this air purifier and humidifier combo. 

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