Risk Of Living Or Working Near Traffic Pollution

The risk of living or working near traffic pollution is indescribable. First, it causes health risks, including respiratory problems, heart failure, allergies, and cancer. 

Secondly, loud noises from vehicles can lead you to deafness slowly. Most importantly, living near a busy road hampers concentration and destroys your peace of mind. 

Why Is It Risky To Live Or Work Near A Busy Road?

Living or working near a busy road is risky for your health. Here’re a few health effects of living on a busy road. Also, you’ll know about other risks. 

Increases Premature Death Rate

American Lung Association depicted that a busy road is one of the most significant factors for premature death.

Research on studyfinds.org says that: living or working near a busy road raises the premature death risk by up to 20%. 

These deaths occur due to cardiovascular disease most often. Also, polluted air affects human lungs, making it hard to filter inhaled air. 

Develops Hearing Problems

Hearing problems may develop acutely if you’re an habitant near a heavily busy road like the highway. Loud noises above 120 dB can damage the human hearing system forever. Living in an area below 70 dB is recommended to avoid hearing problems.

Increases Heart Failure Possibility

Staying near a highway means you have to absorb many types of shocks at a time. A combo pack of sound pollution, air pollution, an increase in temperature, and toxic materials makes your heart weaker. The final result could be heart failure if you tolerate it daily. 

Grows Perkinson 

Perkinson is age-related somatic damage. But, it’s happening before the expected age just for ignoring traffic pollution. An essential part of nerve cells in the brain gets damaged due to heavy noise, as well as overall pollution. 

Privacy issue

Living near a busy road means your residence will always have heavy traffic. No matter how secure your house is, your privacy will be killed.

The rate of snatching and related accidents mostly happens near roadside houses. So, living near busy roads is not only risky for your health but also for your privacy. 

Allergy attack

People face acute air pollution living near a busy road. Allergy attack occurs at an extreme level when there’s a lot of exposed polluted air. A busy road is nothing but a production house of allergy-creating particles. 

A Safe Distance From The Road To Stay Pollution-Free

No specific distance from the road to stay pollution-free can be defined as “safe”. United States Environmental Protection Agency says that: you should stay away from 500-600 feet from heavily traveled highways. 

How To Reduce The Risk 

It’s hard to prevent pollution living next to a main road. The best idea is to leave the area and look for a new one. In the meantime, you should follow some tricks to reduce the risk somewhat. 

Keep doors and windows shut.

Roadside houses become dirty quickly. The presence of dirt creates respiratory issues and asthma, and allergy problems. Keeping doors and windows shut as much as possible is the best way to prevent dust. Also, this action will help you to prevent roadside sound pollution. 

Use vibration-resistant glass

People who live near highways suffer from vibration produced by vehicles. Using vibration-resistant glass rejects excessive vibration. It keeps your heart safe, along with protecting the hearing system. 

Use air purifiers

Air purifiers may help by purifying the air of your roadside home. Its activated carbon filter and HEPA filter grab pollutants effectively.

This instrument allows you to disappear dust particles and keeps your room refreshed. You can quickly find the best air purifier to reduce traffic pollution from various eCommerce sites. 


Traffic pollution is a terrible problem, especially who live near highways or busy roads. Health risks can accelerate if you keep living in such an area yearly. 

The biggest risk of living or working near traffic pollution is being rude, inattentive, and sick. Your hearing ability will decrease, and your respiratory organs will be weakened.

The sooner you leave living or working near traffic pollution, the longer you stay well physically and mentally. 

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