Difference between Colorlogic 160 And 320

Colourlogic 160 and 320 are two different types of electronic photo printers. The Colourlogic 160 is a six-colour printer that can print up to a maximum resolution of 4,800 x 1,200 dpi. It has an ink capacity of 200 ml per color and can create prints with a maximum area of 8.5″ x 11″.

The Colourlogic 320 is an eight-color printer that can produce up to 5,760 x 1440 dpi prints with an ink capacity of 250 ml per color and a maximum area size printing capability of 13″x19″.

Both models have the same basic features such as auto media loading, adjustable media handling, edge bleed control and copy control support but the key differences between them are their resolutions (4k vs 5k), number of colours used in the printing process (6 vs 8) and their respective ink capacities (200ml vs 250ml).

The ColorLogic 160 and 320 are two of the most popular lighting systems from Pentair. While both offer superior color-changing capabilities, there are some important differences between them. The ColorLogic 160 is designed for pools up to 30 feet in diameter, while the larger ColorLogic 320 can accommodate pools up to 50 feet in diameter.

Furthermore, the ColorLogic 320 features a more advanced controller that can be programmed with different light show sequences and themes, making it ideal for those who want to add extra pizzazz to their poolside experience.

Comparison Chart for Colorlogic 160 And 320

Comparison TopicColorlogic 160Colorlogic 320
Power Consumption28 watts32 watts
Light Output1,600 lumens3,200 lumens
Color Options7 colors10 colors
Built-in Programs7 programs10 programs
Dimming CapabilityYesYes
CompatibilityCompatible with most automation systemsCompatible with most automation systems

Key Differences Difference Between Colorlogic 160 And 320

Power Consumption

The Colorlogic 160 operates at 28 watts, providing efficient energy usage without compromising brightness. Meanwhile, the Colorlogic 320 utilizes 32 watts, offering even more illumination power for larger spaces or those requiring brighter lighting.

Light Output

With its 1,600 lumens, the Colorlogic 160 provides a stunning array of vibrant colors, illuminating your surroundings with elegance. 

In comparison, the Colorlogic 320 delivers a higher light output of 3,200 lumens, making it ideal for larger installations or areas that demand heightened illumination.

Color Options

The Colorlogic 160 offers a delightful palette of 7 colors, enabling you to create captivating lighting displays with a range of shades. 

On the other hand, the Colorlogic 320 expands the possibilities further, offering an extended selection of 10 colors. This broader color range allows for even more creative expression in your lighting designs.

Built-in Programs

Both the Colorlogic 160 and Colorlogic 320 come equipped with built-in programs that facilitate dynamic lighting effects. The Colorlogic 160 offers 7 pre-set programs, allowing you to effortlessly cycle through various lighting patterns. 

Meanwhile, the Colorlogic 320 offers an expanded selection of 10 programs, providing additional versatility and customizable options for your lighting experience.

Dimming Capability

Enhancing ambiance and flexibility, both the Colorlogic 160 and Colorlogic 320 support dimming functionality. 

This feature allows you to adjust the brightness levels according to your preference, enabling you to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.


Both models are designed to be compatible with most automation systems, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setup. 

This compatibility allows for easy control and synchronization with other lighting elements, granting you comprehensive command over your lighting arrangements.

Installation Options

The Colorlogic 160 offers both surface-mounted and flush-mounted installation options, allowing for flexibility in placement and integration with different pool or landscape designs. 

Conversely, the Colorlogic 320 is primarily designed for flush-mounted installation, providing a sleek and seamless lighting solution.

Light Intensity Control

While both models support dimming capability, the Colorlogic 320 offers a wider range of light intensity control. It allows for more precise adjustments in brightness levels, catering to specific lighting preferences and creating various moods or effects.


When it comes to durability, the Colorlogic 320 takes the lead. It is constructed with enhanced materials and design features, making it more resistant to impacts, weather conditions, and long-term exposure to water. 

This durability ensures a longer lifespan and reliable performance, particularly in challenging environments.

Transition Effects

The Colorlogic 320 introduces transition effects between colors, adding an extra dimension to your lighting experience. 

With smooth color transitions, it provides a visually captivating display as the lights seamlessly blend from one color to another, creating mesmerizing and dynamic lighting effects.


In the realm of PVC SDR lighting, the Colorlogic series stands tall, offering remarkable choices for illuminating your space. 

While the Colorlogic 160 captivates with its efficient power consumption and vibrant color options, the Colorlogic 320 steps up the game with increased brightness and an extended color range. 

When selecting between these two options, consider the size of your space, desired illumination intensity, and the level of creative flexibility you seek. With either choice, you can be confident in the superior quality and stunning lighting effects that the Colorlogic series provides.

Hayward Colorlogic 160

The Hayward Colorlogic 160 is an LED pool and spa light that provides a stunning array of colors to illuminate your pool or spa. The powerful, efficient lighting system supports up to 16 different colors, including both vibrant and subtle shades. It also features adjustable brightness levels so you can customize the look exactly how you want it for any occasion or special event.

Installation is simple as it fits into existing niche housings without requiring additional hardware.

Hayward Colorlogic 320 Removal Tool

The Hayward ColorLogic 320 Removal Tool is a must-have tool for any pool owner. This specialized tool makes it easy to remove the unique screw head of the Hayward ColorLogic 320 light from its niche in your pool wall. The ergonomically designed handle provides superior grip and comfort so you can easily unscrew the light without hassle or strain.

With this handy tool, you can easily replace or upgrade your existing light with ease, ensuring that your pool stays illuminated and inviting all season long.

Hayward Colorlogic 320 Wattage

The Hayward Colorlogic 320 LED pool and spa light is an energy-efficient lighting system that operates on a maximum of 320 watts. With its unique design, it’s able to produce the same amount of light as other models with up to 500 watts, making it one of the most efficient pool lights available. In addition, this technology allows users to customize their lighting effects via a wireless remote control, creating a stunning atmosphere for any outdoor space.

Hayward Colorlogic 320 Manual

The Hayward Colorlogic 320 Manual is an essential guide for setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting the Colorlogic 320 pool and spa lighting system. It provides detailed information about the features of this advanced LED lighting system, as well as instructions on how to install it correctly. Additionally, it includes diagrams that clearly illustrate each step in the process from wiring setup to programming sequences.

With its straightforward guidance, users can quickly get their systems running with ease and confidence.

Hayward Colorlogic 320 Troubleshooting

The Hayward Colorlogic 320 is a pool lighting system that can provide an array of vibrant colors to your swimming pool. If you are having trouble with this system, there are some basic troubleshooting steps you can take. First, make sure all connections are secure and the power supply is working properly.

Additionally, check any fuses or circuit breakers associated with the unit and replace them if needed. Lastly, ensure all wiring is connected correctly as outlined in the installation instructions for your pool lighting system. Following these simple steps should resolve most issues related to the Hayward Colorlogic 320 quickly and easily.

Difference between Colorlogic 160 And 320

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What are the Different Modes of Hayward Colorlogic Light?

The Hayward ColorLogic Light has four different operating modes: • Dynamic Mode – This mode gradually cycles through colors. • Fixed Color Mode – A single color is displayed at a time.

IntelliChlor Mode – The light changes colors based on the pool’s chlorine level. • SpaSide Remote Control Mode – Allows users to control their light from an optional remote control (sold separately). Each mode offers unique lighting effects and can be used to create a customized look for any outdoor living space.

What Voltage is Hayward Colorlogic 320?

Hayward ColorLogic 320 LED Lights operate on 12v AC. The following are the key features of the Hayward ColorLogic 320: * 120V~60Hz, 14W power supply

* 6500K Colour Temperature * 316L Stainless Steel Housing and faceplate. This low voltage lighting system is perfect for pool deck lighting and interior illumination in residential or commercial swimming pools and spas.

How Long Do Hayward Colorlogic Lights Last?

Hayward ColorLogic pool lights have a long lifespan. On average, they last between 10-15 years with proper maintenance. Here are some tips to make your Hayward ColorLogic light last:

– Clean the lens regularly to prevent mineral buildup and corrosion. – Cover the light when not in use for additional protection from debris and dirt. – Check all connections for any signs of wear or damage before use each season.

Following these simple steps will ensure that you get many years of enjoyment out of your pool lighting system!

Can You Replace the Bulb in a Hayward Colorlogic Pool Light?

Yes, you can replace the bulb in a Hayward ColorLogic pool light. Here are the steps: • Unplug power to the light and remove existing lens.

• Open fixture housing and remove bulb from socket. • Insert new bulb into socket and close fixture housing. • Attach lens back onto fixture housing before plugging power back in.

Make sure to follow safety precautions when replacing bulbs around water sources such as pools or spas.

Hayward colorlogic led 320 160 Pool light replacement Part 1 of 3


In conclusion, the Colorlogic 160 and 320 both provide users with a range of unique features. The Colorlogic 160 is ideal for smaller spaces and offers users the ability to control up to 8 lights, while the 320 allows users to control up to 16 different lights. Both are great options for those looking to add color-changing capabilities in their living space, but depending on your needs one may be more suitable than the other.

Ultimately, it’s important that you weigh all of your options before making a decision as both have distinct advantages over each other.

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