House Smells Like Skunk and Burnt Rubber – Easy Solution

A house smells like a skunk, and burnt rubber indicates a gas burst in HVAC or electric damage.

Gas companies add hydrogen sulfide to gasses so that users can understand gas leaks. Electric short circuits or voltage overloads can burn the wires, creating a rubber-burning smell.

This type of smell indicates danger; it is best to leave the house immediately and call a professional immediately. Before leaving the house, open all the doors and windows so that the gasses can get out of the house, and inform your neighbors.

Does skunk smell like burnt rubber?

Yes, skunks can smell like burnt rubber. This smells like hot asphalt at the first hitting time for the dog. An organic compound called thiol is responsible for this bad smell. It’s a kind of oil that is spread by skunks. Consider the skunk smell in house dangerous since, most times, it is not caused by shanks.

What smells like burning rubber in the house?

  • Electric devices for short-circuiting or over-voltage
  • A faulty electrical system may start burning the wire with a rubber body as its outside shell.

Why my house smells like skunk and burnt rubber?

These can be the reasons why your house smells like skunk and burnt rubber.

Gas leaks

Gas companies add hydrogen sulfide to their gas so that when the gas is leaking, people can understand it. Most people can detect only 0.5 me/L of hydrogen sulfide as it has a rotten egg smell.

A faulty gas pipe.Rubber pipes are used to connect the gas cylinder to the stove. If any of these pipes are damaged, gas can start leaking. And thus, the awful stink of a skunk can be spread.
Broken cylinder tipSometimes, the tips of the gas cylinder get leaked due to excessive pressure, and gas starts leaking. This gas has H2S, which may smell like burnt rubber or skunk.

What to do

For gas leaking

You may follow this process if you are looking for “my whole house smells like skunk and its solutions” on the internet. Open all the doors and windows in your house and leave the house immediately.

Inform your landlord and neighbors, and make sure to call the national emergency number so that a team can arrive to solve the gas leak problem.

Do not enter the house until the leakage is completely sealed. If you feel dizzy from inhaling the gas, immediately visit the nearby hospital.

Skunk encounter pets

Skunk smell can be spread in your house if the house pets encounter the skunk and get sprayed.

If pets encounter shanks.Skunks don’t like to encounter other animals too much, but they tend to spray their awful smell when they don’t find any way to escape.
When shanks enter your house.Sometimes, shanks may enter your house to search for food, encounter your pets, and spray their awful smell. Thus, the skunk smell can spread.

What to do

Making a mixture
  • Take a bowl.
  • Pour 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide with a 3% solution there.
  • Now add some baking soda(1/4 cup is more than enough).
  • After that, pour 1 or 2 spoons of dishwashing soap.
Cleaning your pet
  • Make sure to wear rubber gloves and cover your pet’s eyes.
  • Hold the foam or soft cloth and dip it into the mixture.
  • Use the dipped cloth or foam to rinse off your pet’s body.
  • You may use a special sulfate-free odor-removing shampoo afterward.
  • Use warm water to clean the body of the pet.

Furnaces create a skunk or burnt rubber smell.

Furnaces are usually used only in winter; the rest of the year, they are shut down. As a result, when it is turned on, you may get a smell of skunk or burnt rubber.

Prime suspect

Gathered dirt in the furnace.When the furnace is turned on after a couple of months without proper cleanup, the dirt inside it also starts to burn, creating an awful smell.
Damaged internal components.Sometimes furnaces have internal failures, like oil or gas leaking or improper heat exchange; they may produce a rubber-burning smell.
Excessive heat in the furnace.The inner components of the furnaces may have rubber parts, like the heat exchanger, and with excessive heat, the rubber may start burning and spreading a smell. 

What to do

When the furnace is turned on after a long time off, the dust inside it starts to burn. We clean the dust out of the furnace to prevent them from burning. You could do the cleaning process with a firm broom. To do it,

  • First, determine the cause of the gas shortage.
  • Open the pipe in the venting region using a screwdriver and remove all the trash.
  • Use a soft brush or towel and a vacuum cleaner to clean more thoroughly.
  • After that, look for any form of blockage in the furnace.
  • After cleaning properly, turn off the vent with a screwdriver.

Drainage system failure

The reasons for drainage system failure can be structural or lack of cleaning. When this system fails, all the dirt inside the drain starts gathering in one place and starts rotting. They create different gasses like CO and SO2, which have awful smells. As a result, a skunk or burnt rubber smell can be produced.

Prime suspect

Damaged p-trap.A bad or damaged p-trap can build hydrogen sulfide gas that causes the blizzard smell.
Clogged drainage system.Sometimes this pipe gets clogged, and the dirt can not pass through it. This dirt gets rotten and creates a smell like skunks.

What to do

Repair drainage system

If you are searching in a forum, “my house suddenly smells like a skunk,” and looking for a solution, follow this process.

  • First, turn on the water in all the sinks in your house.
  • Then start running water in the tubs too.
  • Make sure to run them for at least 10 minutes.
  • The clog should be gone by this time.

If the smell is still building in your house, make sure to contact the local plumbers so that they can complete advanced troubleshooting.

Damaged sewer links

Yes, if the sewer link has an issue, the house may smell like a skunk at night

Damaged sewer linksSewer gas also has hydrogen sulfide, which smells like skunk smells. The damaged sewage-related manufacturing systems can create such awful smells.
Clogged sewer pipe.The clogged pipes of the sewer system can not flush hard objects. So the undrained dirt gathers inside the pipe and starts rotting, creating an awful smell.

What to do

  • Check your drainage system to see if you have a slow-running chute.
  • There should be a distinct gurgling sound in the pipe.
  • Look for it.
  • You may use the flush a couple of times to look for it.
  • When you get the spot, contact a plumber to repair the drainage system.

Defective electric appliances

When the dryer or washer is damaged, the house may be filled with a burning rubber odor at night.

Damaged dryer or washer.The damaged dryer and washer get worn out with age issues, and the rubber belt inside them unintentionally starts dragging along with the bearing. So, they may start burning inside and create a rubber-burning smell.
The natural smell of a home-heating system.The home heating system has plenty of wires inside it. These wires can spread a burning smell when the machine is too hot.

What to do

You have nothing to do with the home heating system. The burning rubber smell spreads from it naturally, and it will stop spreading after some time eventually.

But if you get this smell from the dryer and washer, open them with a screw and use a soft cloth to clean them and their inner components. You may also take them to a professional for better results.

Faulty electric wires

It may smell like burning rubber when the house wires begin to burn due to improper electronic connections, overvoltage, or short circuits. This burning smell is easy to find and may result from a bad installation or repair.

Improper installationWhen any electric device has been installed faultily, it can burn the rubber of the wire and create a rubber-burning smell.
Overvoltage.If the house’s voltage increases by more than 220 volts, the rubber-made covers of the wire start burning due to excessive heat and create an awful smell.
Short circuit:When somehow two positive and negative wires get attached when plugged in, the wire covers start burning and creating a skunk-type smell.
Improper electric connection.If the central electric system of the house gets damaged or installed faulty, the damaged electric equipment burns the rubber components inside them. So such an awful smell is created.

What to do

  • Turn off the power supply to the house immediately.
  • Then look for the area from where the smell is coming.
  • If you get to that area, look for the cause of the burn.
  • If it is for improper installation, reinstall the product accurately again.

If the problem is a short circuit or overvoltage, contact a professional electrician immediately.

Newly installed devices or new furniture

Both newly installed machines or new furniture may have a burning rubber-type smell. This smell is spreading, as this product’s inner or outer components may have been created with rubber. The smell is stuck in the package after being packaged for a long time and is now leaking.

New furniture.New furniture may have a burning rubber smell when its packets are unsealed.
Rubber-made componentsSome machines may have rubber-made components, and they may spread burning rubber smells when users start their operations.

What to do

With the aid of an air purifier

Air purifiers have carbon filters that can get rid of burning rubber or skunk smells in homes. Two kinds of carbon filters can be used in air purifiers: bonded carbon and loose-filled carbon.

Bonded carbon is more efficient than loose carbon as it includes more carbon. Simply place the air purifier in a convenient room area to avoid impeding your home’s ventilation system. As a result, it can absorb odors more effectively.

By using kitchen odor absorbers

Kitchen ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, coffee, etc., work great as deodorizers. They may get rid of a variety of odors, like burning smells. Vinegar is acidic and works well on strong alkaline smells like skunk ones.

House smells like skunk but no skunk

  • Sewer gas leakage can create smells like skunk.
  • Skunk-like odors can be produced by rotten food or meals.
  • A damaged plumbing system can spread a skunk smell.

What to do

When gas is leaking, leave the house immediately and call 911. Make sure to open all the doors and windows. Inform your neighbors and ask them to leave their houses, also. To remove the skunk smell from the kitchen, clean the kitchen and use home odor absorbers. If a skunk smell is coming from the plumbing system, contact a professional to repair it.

Smells like skunk outside and inside house

  • When the dustbin isn’t cleaned properly, the outside section of the house may smell like a skunk.
  • If pets poop inside the house, it may smell like a skunk.

What to do

Remove all the dirt and debris from the dustbin and clean it with baking soda and a detergent mixture. Use tissue paper or an unused small cloth to remove the pet’s poop and then use detergent and water to clean that particular area where the pet has pooped.

Woke up house smells like skunk

  • When someone inhales drugs like marijuana or weed all night, the inside section of the house may smell like a skunk.
  • Some vegetables, like skunk cabbage, can create a skunk-type smell if they are not appropriately preserved and start rotting.

What to do

Open all the doors and windows in your house to create proper ventilation, and use a mason jar to create fresh odors. Make sure to preserve unused food items properly in the freezer so that they can’t rot.

House smells like skunk at night

  • A house may smell like skunks at night due to a short circuit causing wires to burn.
  • If skunks enter your house to search for food, the house may smell like skunks at night.

What to do

Turn off the main power supply of the house and contact professionals. If skunks enter the house, call 911 and ask them to send professionals so that they can evacuate it.

Burning rubber smell at night skunk

  • When electric appliances are not installed properly, they may smell like burning rubber due to excessive heat.
  • If the drainage system is damaged, the house may smell like burning rubber as the dirt gets rotten in it.

What to do  

Call the national emergency number and evacuate the house immediately. When the drainage system is damaged, contact professionals so that they can fix it.


Why does skunk spray smell like burnt rubber?

Skunk spray is a combination of sulfur-based organic compounds. It is called thiols. It is the main reason for the burnt smell. Thiol is a strong-smelling element. This lets off an immediate blast of an acrid scent.

What animal smells like burnt rubber

Skunks smell like burnt rubber. They spread an oil type of chemical when they are attached. This chemical name is a thiol. That’s why the awful smell of this chemical, which is similar to burnt rubber, can protect them from predators.


When the house smells like skunks and burnt rubber, the reasons don’t need to be created by skunks. Most of the time, this smell is created due to gas leaks or burnt wire. Skunks’ smells are similar to hydrogen sulfide; when gas leaks, it also leaks with it.

Faulty electric components or short circuits cause burnt wires. If you smell this type of smell, leave the house immediately and contact a professional to handle the issue.

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