How To Get Rid Of Cooking Smells In Small Apartment

Small apartments have fewer rooms and lousy air circulation systems. That’s why any smell of cooking can pass through different rooms efficiently. If the smell is good, it can be ignored. But an awful cooking smell is annoying. 

If you are facing this type of problem, you need to know “how to get rid of cooking smells in a small apartment” at that time. 

There are multiple ways to eliminate the cooking smell in small apartments. Using different cooking equipment, like baking soda, vegetables, different types of herbs, vinegar, etc., is the easiest way to stop the cooking smell from spreading. 

Charcoal briquettes, scented candles, etc., are also helpful against cooking smells. If you want better results, you may also use an air purifier.

Why Do Small Apartments Have More Cooking Odors Compared To Large Apartments?

These are why small apartments have more cooking odors compared to large apartments. 

Because of less area

Small apartments have less volume and, consequently, less area than big apartments. That’s why spreading smell is more accessible here because the molecules of different gases have to pass less area to get to another room.

They have less room

The small apartments have fewer rooms. Some small apartments don’t have a separate kitchen and dining room.

All the cooking is done in a room filled with cooking equipment, and one corner of the room is used as an eating area. That’s why the smell of cooking spreads more easily.

The Air Circulation System Isn’t Good 

Small apartments have fewer doors and windows compared to big apartments. That’s why their air circulation system isn’t sound. Most of the time, the air can not be good outside because there is no window in the kitchen. 

As a result, all the heat and hot air enter the living rooms, and thus the cooking smell spreads.

Risks Associated With Cooking Smells In Small Apartments 

Small houses don’t have proper air circulation. That’s why they cannot correctly remove odor-filled air. As a result, family members can face different health risks. Food smells can cause home members with allergic issues.

Junk foods or pre-packaged foods are created with different spices and seasonings. These spices can have different smells, and the level of those smells can get stronger when the food is cooked. People may have allergic reactions to different spices. 

At that time, their brain starts warning, and they may feel dizziness, which can cause subsequent anxiety. Even if they inhale a very small amount of allergenic substances, their mucous membranes may become inflamed.

The American Chemical Society says when H2S, found in sewer gas, is inhaled through the nose with an amount of less than 50 ppm by someone, he may feel irritated, start coughing, or get a headache.

Tips To Get Rid Of Cooking Smells In Small Apartments

Let’s see the tips.

Control The Air Circulation System Of The Apartment. 

Controlling the air circulation system is one of the easiest ways to handle the cooking smell. Before the cooking process starts, close the kitchen door and open the kitchen window. 

After that, open all the windows in the bedrooms and shut the doors. Try to turn off all the closet doors for a better result. This is how to get cooking smell out of house fast. 

Clean the kitchen perfectly and quickly. 

Cleaning the kitchen will help the owner by not spreading the cooking odors. The smell of the masalas or dishes can make the owners sneeze. So try to clean the kitchen as fast as possible. 

Start by rinsing dishes and then cutting boards and other equipment. Make sure to turn off the stoves. Take all the garbage off and pour it into the dustbin.

Turn the vent on while cooking. 

The small fan in the kitchen or ventilator helps the cooking smell get outside. It is designed in such a way that it can bring in the outside’s fresh air and take out the hot air from inside. 

So while cooking, make sure to turn on the ventilator fan. Its heavy sound may be annoying, but it will stop cooking odors from spreading into the tiny houses.

By using vinegar 

The 5% portion of ethanoic acid or vinegar is an excellent substance to stop cooking smells from spreading. So pour some vinegar into some bowls and then keep them in the dining room and kitchen. 

It is better to keep them at night, so the vinegar can absorb all the smells and make the room’s air as fresh as possible. It is a very good kitchen odor eliminator.

By using baking soda 

Add baking soda or sodium bicarbonate to prevent the spread of cooking odors. So, add some baking soda to a few dishes, and keep them in the kitchen and eating area. 

It is best to store them overnight so that the baking soda can eliminate all the smells and make the air in the room as fresh as possible.

Try air purifiers

The air purifiers contain carbon filters that absorb odors from walls, dust, and other sources. Bonded carbon and loose-filled carbon are the two kinds of carbon that can be used in air purifiers. 

Because bonded carbon contains more carbon than loose carbon, it is more effective. Simply set the air purifier in an accessible location so it won’t obstruct your home’s ventilation system. 

It can thus more efficiently absorb scents as a result. It is the best kitchen odor eliminator from small apartment

Brew some fresh coffee. 

Brewed coffee has a heavy smell, enough to dissolve the cooking smell. So try to use this process if the abovementioned ones aren’t working for you. 

Pour some coffee into a cooking bowl and start brewing it. After some minutes, a strong coffee smell will be created. Now pour the coffee into two bowls and keep them in the dining room and kitchen. 

Drop some lemon beverages in the dustbin 

Lemon juice contains citric acid, whose ph is between 5.5 and 6.5. It is not a powerful acid, but it has enough power to remove the cooking ingredients’ smell from the dustbin. 

So make sure to pour some lemon beverage into the dustbin after discussing its cooking ingredients. You may squeeze some lemons into a bowl and then pour 2 cups of water into it to make the beverage. 

Set your refrigerator to an accurate temperature

It is not fixed that the cooking smell will only come from the kitchen while cooking. The smell can start spreading after the cooking is completed and you are storing it in the fridge. So check whether your fridge temperature is set accurately or not. 

Usually, the temperature should be set at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. More than this temperature will make your food rot faster, and as a result, the odor will start spreading from the fridge.

Use charcoal briquettes 

Charcoal briquettes are also able to remove cooking smells from the kitchen. Charcoal is created when coals are burnt at high temperatures, and the carbon inside them gets deformed. 

That’s why it has a heavy smell that absorbs cooking smells. Try to sew some charcoal briquettes into some packets and put them in the kitchen after cooking.

Try citrus peels 

These peels have citric acid, which has a lower pH level but has heavy absorption power to decrease the cooking smell. To use them, 

  • Pour some pills into a grinder. 
  • Grind them perfectly to make powder. 
  • You may bake them a little before grinding them for better results. 
  • Now pour them into the dustbin. 
  • Pour some into a bowl and place it in an open area in the kitchen.

Use herb stews 

Different types of herds have pleasant smells that can remove the food smell in tiny houses. Herbs like jasmine tea, cinnamon, orange leaves, etc. have a wonderful smell. 

So try to brew them with water. When using jasmine tea, cloves are better, whereas cinnamon sticks work best with orange peels.

Using scented candles 

Different types of candles are available on the market, which spread a pleasant smell while burning. Try to use them while cooking to minimize the cooking odor from spreading. 

These candles are called Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Candles. They are actually a mixture of hydrocarbons with different types of properties. That’s why they create different smells while burning.

By using a splatter screen 

It is not true that the cooking smell will only spread at the time of cooking or right after cooking time. Sometimes the cooking smell starts to spread after a couple of days. This spread occurs because of oil. 

Sometimes we keep the used oil to reuse it on steaks or barbeques. This oil’s intermolecular form has already been changed because of cooking heat. So they started spreading the smell. That’s why a splatter screen will help the owner because it won’t allow the smell to spread.

By using potatoes 

Potatoes don’t have a strong smell, but they have great smell-absorbing power. You may use them to absorb the heavy cooking smell in your small apartment. To do it,

  • Take some potatoes. 
  • Wash them ideally with water. 
  • Then remove their peelers. 
  • Use a knife to slice them perfectly and pour the slices into a bowl. 
  • Now hold some salt in your hand and sprinkle it into the bowl. 
  • Keep that bowl in the kitchen when you are cooking.


Small apartments have several risks associated with cooking. They have fewer rooms and fewer doors and windows. So the hot air from cooking that contains a smell can’t get out. To stop this smell from spreading, you need to know how to get rid of cooking smells in small apartments and follow 

In small flats, there are several ways to get rid of the scent of cooking. The simplest way to prevent the cooking fragrance from spreading is to use various culinary tools, such as vinegar, vegetables, different types of herbs, baking soda, etc. 

Scented candles, charcoal briquettes, and other items can all help to mask cooking odors. You can also use an air purifier if you want greater results.

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