7 Best Air Purifier for Kitchen Smells

Where there is a kitchen, there must be smells.

Smells of food being fried, boiled, or roasted.

Sometimes when you forget or you get distracted, food gets burnt. All these odors can pollute the air and make it difficult for you to breathe clean air.

Not just cooked or burnt food is responsible for kitchen smells. Over time, the kitchen can develop disturbing smells that result from the smells that have accumulated over time.

All these can be solved by a perfectly chosen best air purifier for kitchen smells. This guide will help you choose a high-quality air purifier.

Top 7 Best Air Purifier for Kitchen Smells Reviews In 2020

There are different types of smell that you can eliminate if you have the right air purifier. We have researched the market and provided you with quality air purifiers that work well on kitchen smells. Check their detailed reviews and guide here.

1. Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier

Do you need a good air purifier for your kitchen smells?

This one from Hathaspace would be an excellent choice. It gives no chance to air pollutants and would clean the air in your home to protect you and your family from respiratory difficulties.

It not only cleans the air but also eliminates odors that would otherwise disturb your peace. Your kitchen must not have an unwelcoming odor you can keep it fresh and unwelcoming.

You will be able to breathe easily even when there is a lot of cooking going on in your kitchen, and the air in it is stuffed with mixed-up aromas.

The odor can be overwhelming sometimes. That is why you need a strong air filter like this.

It has an intelligent air quality sensor, which measures the air quality for you and gives you feedback. It uses the colors green, yellow, and red to communicate the air situation.

With its 5-in-1 true HEPA filter set, you can enjoy much more than just air without smells, but it also protect you from allergens.

It removes all of the undesirable particles floating in your air. As the smells float from the kitchen toward other parts of your home, only an excellent filter like this can keep the smells under control.

Things We Like:

  • Ease allergic reactions such as sneezing, irritating eyes, and coughing
  • Removes smells and smoke
  • Versatile with its 5-in-1 filter system
  • Ozone-safe and approved by CARB
  • Smart air quality sensor checks the condition of your air automatically

Things That Could Improve:

  • The smart detector is not very accurate

2. Alen BreatheSmart T500 Air Purifier

Do you want to breathe pure air?

Well, this air purifier can help you with that. When your kitchen gets busy, odor jams the air.

When the kitchen space gets so stuffy, you need to do something about it. This air purifier cleans up to 500 square feet of air within just 30 minutes.

Normal kitchen size is less than that, so the effectiveness in delivering clean breathable air will be more. The ultra-portable design makes it easy to carry from one place to another or the place of need.

The qualities above make it suitable for an air cleaning emergency. The entire house air will be cleaned and freed from kitchen odors.

What would be better than a purifier that can capture up to 99.97 percent of floating particles down to 0.3 microns?

Whether you have a small house or a big one, this purifier is fit for it all. The purifier is ideal for eradicating allergens, particles, and household odors.

That means there is so much to gain from it if you have a large family composed of pets. It will make your home a conducive place to live a happy life.

Besides, it makes things simpler for you. It has quickly adjustable settings to help you control it better. You simply press the touch buttons to make the changes you desire.

Things We Like:

  • Cleans 500 square ft. in 30 minutes
  • It has a small and portable design
  • Very good for removing odors
  • Easy to operate and to control
  • Durable

Things That Could Improve:

  • Not a quiet option

3. Oransi EJ120 Hepa Air Purifier with Carbon Filter

If you need a more advanced piece of innovation for an air purifier, this would be much like it. This is a powerful version of your ordinary favorite filter.

It will purify the air in your home with so much dedication and effectiveness. You have your kitchen smells sorted out if you install this in your home.

Among its most notable features, this is a medical-grade air filter. It supports a healthy home and therefore makes life better for the dwellers.

It removes smoke, asthmatic stimulators, dust, mold, and allergies. It starts cleaning once you place it at a strategic point and turn it on.

It also has more odor-removing effectiveness. And remember, if you plan to use it for kitchen smells, that is something powerless against it.

No one has to know what is happening in your kitchen from all over the home. It can make the air fresh and welcoming to your home dwellers and guests.

Besides, you can vacuum the carbon filter to clean it and make it highly effective again. It is ideal for offices, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and basements.

If you like a quiet environment, it would be good news to know that this machine is run by a quiet German motor.

Things We Like:

  • Easy to clean the carbon filter
  • Features medical-grade characteristics
  • The motor runs quietly
  • Many users love it, and researchers have approved it
  • Removed even particles that can cause respiratory infections

Things That Could Improve:

  • Very pricey compared to its close counterparts

4. LEVOIT Air Purifier, LV-PUR131

Another powerful filter, which is also ideal for kitchen smells removal. Voted one of the best on the market today, this filter can reach the far corners of your home to remove the particles floating in the air.

It is like a passionate detective hunting down the airborne bad boys. It has an electric control panel that looks complicated but is very easy to use.

It allows you to touch the control easily to turn it on or off and to set the fan speed and mode.

Even more enticing is its thick carbon filter, capable of trapping millions of gaseous particles from the air in your home, leaving behind no smells.

Perhaps one of the things that makes this purifier exceptional among similar machines in its class is its affordable price.

Usually, such a powerful air purifier would be pricey, which is not the case with this. You will be amazed by how it removes the broadest range of odor particles.

This purifier boasts a digital display that shows you the remaining time for the auto-off. That way, it makes your work easier.

It has a true HEPA filter that can capture up to 99.97 percent of airborne contaminants. That is how it never gives chance to smell.

Things We Like:

  • 100 percent ozone-free
  • Features a sleep mode for a quieter operation
  • Small size and lightweight make it useful in several places
  • Attractive appearance makes your house look better
  • Auto-sensing mode automatically adjusts the fan speed

Things That Could Improve:

  • No remote control

5. KOIOS Air Purifier, Indoor Air Cleaner

With all the cooking and smells in the air, you may need this filter.

If you are on a budget but still need a purifier that performs better than many more expensive counterparts, this one from KOIOS can be the solution.

Not to forget that it is 100 percent ozone free like you would want; this machine has all the primary features a contemporary filter should have.

And for what it is worth, you will be happy with its environment-friendliness. This filter does not use UV or the ions that produce ozone.

It uses a three-stage filtration system to remove even the tiniest particles from the air.

It has a unique design makes it easy to fit in any modernly-decorated room. The design is also simple and easy to understand.

Ultimately, you will love how it works and how long-lasting it is. The effect of its air purification stays for longer, even when it is turned off after a severe air purification session.

No matter how much the kitchen smells cover the air in your home, this machine will clean it all up within a short period. You just have to place it strategically to achieve maximum effect.

Things We Like:

  • 360 degrees’ air intake means more air is cleaned per unit of time
  • No UV or ions, and it is 100 percent ozone free
  • 3-stage filtration system
  • Low power consumption means less operation cost
  • True HEPA technology

Things That Could Improve:

  • Does not accurately indicate the air quality in the room

6. JINPUS Air Purifier Air Cleaner

One of the first things you will notice about this filter is its compact but powerful design.

It stays very well in a room as long as you position it in the right part of the room. If you are having a problem with the kitchen smells polluting the air in your home, this filter can help you.

It has a small and contemporary design that makes it space-saving.

The design also makes it easy to fit in any room design. You can never lack an appropriate space to place it. Also, it provides 360 degrees’ purification performance which makes air to circulate faster.

The JINPUS Air Purifier has an upgraded design that has proven superior and less lousy as much as air cleaning is concerned. This air filter unit has a one-touch switch with a delicate blue LED light to guide you. With a HEPA filter, this unit improves the health of the occupants of your home through thorough air purification.

When kitchen smell spoils the comfort and luxury, getting one of these for your home will be a winning move.

Besides, this machine is very quiet and would help you maintain maximum comfort in all perspectives.

For instance, sleeping will not be interrupted by too much noise since this machine has no buzzing sound.

Things We Like:

  • The upgraded design makes it more convenient
  • Very quiet and does not interfere with sleep
  • The maximum air cleaning result
  • Faster air circulation
  • Easy to operate with one-touch button and LED light

Things That Could Improve:

  • Not suitable for an extra-large room

7. MOOKA Air Purifier for Home

These new air purifiers come with many advanced features that have revolutionized how air is cleaned in our homes.

This machine stands out in many ways to get rid of kitchen smells and any other smells that may disturb your peace at home.

You need to understand that this filter would deliver the best possible results with little energy consumption to boast of.

It is like a double gain for you. It features a cutting-edge noise-reducing fan blade design that keeps it working silently. Therefore, it does not interrupt your peace.

This purifier uses three-stage filtration to remove more particles from the air at home, including the tiniest particles.

You can always find an excellent position to place it for a more significant effect. Besides, its shape and size would make that possible and reduces the stress of finding the suitable space, even in a congested place.

In normal mode, this air purifier can clean up to 50 cubic meters of air per hour.

That is a large amount of air and would suit a medium room just fine. Take advantage of its low power consumption to make it run for more hours a day.

Being completely environmentally friendly is a plus for this and is a reason enough for you to give it a try.

Things We Like:

  • Design fits any style of room decor excellently
  • Looks great and modern
  • Cleans the air more effectively
  • Consumes very little energy hence low energy bills
  • Environmentally friendly

Things That Could Improve:

  • The night light cannot be turned off when the machine is running

Things To Consider When Buying Best Air Purifier For Kitchen Smells

Choosing the best air purifier is not a simple task, especially since there are lots of options to choose from.

This guide contains some of the most important factors to consider helping you choose more accurately. You can get exactly what your home needs for kitchen smells if you emphasize the important factors.

Types of Filters

When investing in an air filter for odor, the filter type is the most important factor to consider. Filter suited for odor removal often comes with plenty of filter types.

Removing is not as easy as removing larger particles from the air. So besides the HEPA filters, purifiers designed for removal of smells will also have activated carbon and charcoal filters or either.

You have to with different purifier options based on the types of filters that they have. In this case, the one with more types of relevant filter types wins.

Some purifiers also have pre-filter. As long as you know what each filter is responsible for, choosing purifiers would become easier.

Quality and Cleaning Levels

The quality of a purifier greatly influences the cleaning level. Since different models have different qualities, expect them to perform differently too.

So, when trying to choose the best air purifier, consider the cleaning level. The ones with multiple stages of cleaning are usually better. Some offer up to 6 stages of filtration.

Coverage Area

Where you will use the purifier and the area size should help you choose the right model. Purifiers indicate their area coverage or the area that the filtration covers.

Use such information together with the size of your home or room to do a proper comparison. If you have a larger room, you will need an air purifier with an equally large coverage area.

If you live in a small apartment, there is no need for a powerful air purifier. Likewise, you should not choose an air purifier with a smaller coverage area than the room size you need to clean.

Energy Consumption

You need to consider the purifier’s energy consumption. You will be better if your air purifier consumes little energy.

It would save you the trouble associated with higher power bills. The less the energy consumption the less you will be worried whenever the machine is working.

You can leave it to clean the air in your room the whole day or night without worrying about high energy bills. There are lots of energy-efficient models out there.

You just have to read between the lines when doing your selection.

Noise Level

If you like a quiet environment, you should buy those air filters that operate silently. Their motors are pretty quiet, and they will not bother you at night when you are sleeping.

If the sound is not so much of fuss to you, there are lots of amazing purifiers that produce sound when operating.

You can also choose the one that makes less noise than the rest in a collection of noisy air purifiers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s check out some commonly asked questions.

Q: Do Air Purifiers Get Rid Of Cooking Smells?

A: Yes, it does. Through its activated carbon filters, the smells are eliminated and odors neutralized. Just like charcoal filters, it absorbs odors and gases.

Both of these types of filters also neutralize smoke, fumes, and chemicals. The better the quality of the filter the more effective it will be at removing cooking smells.

Q: What Is The Best Air Purifier For Odors?

A: LEVOIT Air Purifier, LV-PUR131 still stands out as one of the best air purifiers for odors. It uses advanced technology to trap even the tiniest particle.

Its activated carbon filters trap smells. Likewise, its reasonable price also adds more points as an overall excellent purifier for odors. There may be more like it but will all factors considered, this filter still comes out superior.

Q: Does A HEPA Filter Remove Odors?

A: The HEPA filter cannot remove odors. The chemicals and gases are too tiny to be trapped by a HEPA filter.

Only activated carbon and charcoal filters can remove odors. HEPA is more effective in trapping particles even those that are very tiny, but not smells.

Even though HEPA does not remove smells, it contributes greatly toward maintaining an odorless environment by removing particles that may be a contribution to the overall bad smell in the air.

Q: How Do You Get Rid Of Kitchen Odors?

A: There are so many ways to remove kitchen odors. One is by using a good air purifier for kitchen smells.

The carbon and charcoal filters can trap the odors very effectively depending on the quality of the filter. The best air purifier for the job can still be the most effective way to get rid of kitchen odors.

Q: What Is The Best Thing To Absorb Odors?

A: You can leave a bowl of ground coffee or baking soda in your kitchen counter overnight. This method is also an effective one for absorbing odors besides the use of filters.

You have to leave it overnight to get a better result. Vinegar is also very effective at removing kitchen smells.

Q: How Do You Neutralize A House Smell?

A: To neutralize house smells, boil a small pan filled with a cup of vinegar and a cup of water. The vinegar will effectively neutralize the house smell.

You can also use the water and vinegar mixture to spray on carpet or any place that might be producing a bad smell. These are tested and found to be very effective at neutralizing odors and making the house environment more welcoming and conducive.

Final Verdict

We hope you find this Best Air Purifier for Kitchen Smells review and guide useful.

No matter which model you choose from this list, you can rest assured that the kitchen smells will be reduced a great deal.

Different air purifiers may have some similarities and differences, and these are some of the things that should guide you into choosing the most promising model amongst them.

Remember to take good care of your new unit if you want it to last a long time.

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