How to Keep Rain Water off Pool Cover: A Comprehensive Guide

To keep rainwater off a pool cover, use a cover pump and create proper cover drainage. This will prevent water buildup and protect the pool cover from damage.

Maintaining a pool can be a delightful experience on sunny days but when the weather turns heavy with rain, keeping the pool pristine can be a challenging affair. One of the ways that rainwater can damage a pool is by collecting on the pool’s cover. The weight of the water can create pressure on the cover, which can eventually rip or tear it. By removing water from the cover with a cover pump, and ensuring that there is proper drainage, you can keep rainwater off the pool’s cover and prolong its lifespan. In this article, we will discuss useful tips to prevent rainwater from collecting on your pool’s cover and the best ways to keep your pool safe during the rainy season.

How to Keep Rain Water off Pool Cover: A Comprehensive Guide


Understanding The Importance Of Keeping Rainwater Off Pool Covers

Accumulated rainwater on pool covers can negatively impact its quality and lifespan. The weight of the water can cause the cover to sag and even lead to tearing. Cleaning the cover is also a more difficult task if there is water on it.

Additionally, rainwater can mix with any debris on the cover, increasing the risk of contamination in the pool. By keeping rainwater off the pool cover, you can avoid these issues and extend the life of the cover. It will also make cleaning and maintaining the pool easier.

Using a pool cover pump or removing the cover during rain are some ways to keep rainwater off the cover. Follow these tips to protect your pool cover and maintain a clean pool for swimming.

Tips And Techniques For Keeping Rainwater Off Your Pool Cover

Rainwater can wreak havoc on your pool cover, but there are several techniques to keep it off. To begin with, a pool cover pump is an effective method to remove water from the surface. Adding an air pillow and cover pump can prevent sagging.

Using a siphon to remove water from the cover is another alternative. In addition, a leaf blower may be used to clear off small amounts of water. Finally, installing a gutter system around the perimeter of the pool can redirect rainwater.

With these techniques, you can ensure that your pool cover is protected from rainwater, reducing the need for repairs and increasing its lifespan.

How To Remove Rain Water From Your Pool Cover (With Only Water Hose!)

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Keeping Rainwater Off Pool Covers

It’s important to properly maintain your pool cover, especially during the rainy season. Neglecting to remove debris from the pool cover before attempting to remove water can cause damage. Using a regular pump instead of a pool cover pump can also lead to issues.

Failing to remove water frequently enough can result in decay of the pool cover. Regular maintenance and care is necessary to keep your pool cover in good condition and prolong its lifespan.

Maintaining Your Pool Cover To Prevent Rainwater Accumulation

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your pool cover is essential in preventing rainwater accumulation. When leaves and debris collect on your cover, it can create pockets for rainwater to accumulate. This excess weight can damage your cover and potentially cause injury.

Additionally, it’s important to store your cover properly during the off-season to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. If your pool cover becomes damaged or worn out, don’t hesitate to replace it. These simple steps will help prolong the life of your pool cover and ensure it functions properly year-round.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Keep Rain Water Off Pool Cover

How Can I Prevent Rainwater From Gathering On My Pool Cover?

Cover the pool with a mesh safety cover that is designed to let water drain through and prevent the accumulation of rainwater on the cover.

What Can I Do To Keep Rainwater From Forming A Puddle On The Pool Cover?

Place a pool cover pump over the cover, which will automatically pump rainwater off the cover and into the pool, or onto the surrounding ground.

Is It Better To Use Solid Or Mesh Pool Covers To Keep Rainwater Off?

Mesh pool covers are more effective for preventing rainwater accumulation than solid covers because they let water drain through and do not create additional weight on the cover.

How Do I Prevent Debris From Getting Into My Pool When Using A Mesh Cover?

Use a leaf net to cover the mesh pool cover to prevent debris from entering the pool while still allowing water to drain through the mesh cover.


As the fall season rolls in, pool owners are often faced with the challenge of keeping rainwater from accumulating on their pool covers. We have discussed some effective techniques on how to keep rainwater off the pool cover. You can invest in a good quality pool cover pump, or use a cover with a sloping design.

It is also advisable to clear any debris on the cover while it’s still dry. Remember to keep the surrounding area clean and well-maintained to prevent leaves and dirt from getting into your pool. By implementing these helpful tips, you can effectively keep your pool cover rainwater-free throughout autumn.

Finally, always ensure that your pool cover is stored correctly, and have it thoroughly cleaned before using it again in the summer season. With proper maintenance, your pool cover can last you for many years to come.

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