Should I Leave My Air Purifier On When I’m Not Home?

The best move is to leave your air purifier turned on throughout the day.

Activating the air purifier after reaching home and waiting hours to breathe fresh air doesn’t make sense. Besides, running an air purifier 24/7 doesn’t bring any health risks.

United States Environmental Protection Agency depicted that running an air purifier all day long removes certain respirable-size particles like tobacco smoke.

Is It Ok To Leave An Air Purifier On All Day?

There is no safety concern if you leave an air purifier on all day. An air purifier is a pro at removing dirt, allergens, smoke, and odors from your indoor air.

Its filter grabs pollutants daily, keeping your room fresh and purified. Most air purifiers can free the allergens from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

But, pollutants can contaminate the air again due to your movement through the door. 

Can You Leave A Levoit Air Purifier On All The Time?

Keeping an air purifier on all day long is good if it has a good speed selection function. The highest speed of the maximum Levoit air purifier is the third speed. 

Its highest speed helps in capturing at least 99.97% of airborne particles. If you leave it on all the time, it’ll grab pollutants of 0.3 microns in size. That means leaving a Levoit air purifier on will ensure you a safe environment. 

When Should You Turn Your Air Purifier Off?

The air purifier shouldn’t be turned off if you want to ensure the best environment in your house. But, some facts may arise that may force you to turn it off. 

Overheating issue

Air purifiers from any brand can get overheated. Like other electrical components, Using an overheated air purifier can burn its motor and damage the whole machine internally. 

Besides, a performance drop issue may arise if you use an overheated air purifier. The ion generator inside the air purifier usually gets overheated. Internal malfunction and faulty power sources are primarily responsible for this problem. 

Cleaning purposes

Cleaning the filter of an air purifier is a general air purifier maintenance manner. It’s mandatory to keep the air purifier disconnected from electricity while cleaning it every 3-6 months. Otherwise, electric accidents may take place. 

Faulty electrical system

The problem usually starts with the power cord of an air purifier. Turning off the air purifier is mandatory if it’s wasted somehow due to high voltage or something else. 

The air purifier may not get the correct amount of electricity if the socket is faulty. Also, the internal electrical functions, like the motor joint, might be interrupted. Then, you need to turn the air purifier off. 

Concerned about saving electricity

Air purifiers consume very little electricity. Conventional air purifiers consume 81 kWh of electricity daily (Source: Eco Cost Savings). That means it uses 3-5 times less energy than a refrigerator. 

But, some regions have electricity shortages, resulting in severe load shedding. So, keeping the air purifier turned off when you’re out of the home for an extended period is recommended. 


Air purifiers can last up to 5 years even if you use them continuously. But, thinking about increasing their lifespan, a group of people assumes they deserve some rest.

They ask- should I leave my air purifier on when I’m not home?

Well, if your air purifier has a clean filter, it’s not a problem if you run it all day long. A dusty filer may pollute the room’s air rather than purify it. Most air purifiers have a service life of up to 3000 hours, so you should leave them turned on.

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