Can Air Purifiers Make You Sick? SERIOUS

Air purifiers were invented to relieve you from polluted air. But, it’s observed that rather than making the environment better, it may cause slight health problems. 

Can air purifiers make you sick with those health problems?

Well, if it’s a low-grade air purifier with inappropriate filtering technology, it can make you sick. Some air purifiers produce odorless ozone gas that can make your life hell with headaches, asthma, and various respiratory problems. 

Air purifiers with HEPA filter technology are claimed to be ozone-free. But, it’s not as effective in purifying air as the activated carbon filters. Some electric air purifiers are claimed to be safer. At the end of the day, they also produce a small amount of ozone. 

How Can An Air Purifier Make You Sick?

Air purifiers can make you sick primarily in two ways. The first one is from its generated ozone. And the second one is stuck debris on the surface of the air purifier’s filter. 

Ozone creates health issues depending on the level of exposure. If it’s highly exposed, asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis can appear.

Coughing, shortness of breath, and related respiratory problems are caused by mild ozone exposure. (Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency)

Everything can take place on filters, from dust to pet dander and microbes over time. As a result, air circulation is blocked, and contaminants stay in the room. Finally, you’re inhaling them and getting sick. 

When Do Air Purifiers Make You Sick? 

Some facts can make your air purifiers responsible for making you sick, even if it’s from a reputable brand.

When ozone is generated

Some ozone-generating air purifiers generate significant amounts of ozone. If a portion of it is inhaled, long-term damage to olfactory cells and lungs comes forward. 

The damage to the respiratory system is uncountable, whether it’s a low amount of ozone or high.

Severe or chronic bronchial reactivity can occur at ozone concentrations. It basically starts from .08 PPM at a 7 hours interval. 

Ozone is also risky as a reacting chemical agent. It reacts with ordinary household cleaners such as terpenes. When ozone is present, formaldehyde is generated, leading a human to death. 

Production Of Air Purifier Byproduct 

The smell of the byproduct of electronic air purifiers seems like a pungent odor. Many people depicted the smell as chlorine bleach. Therefore, the suspicion goes to ozone, according to their statement. 

It’s tested that the UV light and corona discharge technology generate ozone in ozone generators.

Nowadays, manufacturers are introducing various technologies to eliminate residual ozone byproducts. But, technically, operating these air purifiers with zero ozone generation is impossible. 

Existence  of a dirty filter

People have a confusion- can dirty air purifiers make you sick? Yes, irregular maintenance of the air purifier filter makes it dirty, resulting in various health issues.

Some mentionable symptoms are headaches, sore throat, coughing, asthma attacks, and shortness of breath. 

Dirty air purifier filters can’t trap contaminants efficiently. That’s why they bounce back the allergens, making you sick. Mold bacteria can spread their generation on the dirty filter. And that triggers allergies, resulting in asthma and respiratory problems. 

Which Air Purifiers Can Make You Sick?

Air purifiers with problematic filters and ozone byproducts can make you sick. Let’s have a detailed discussion on this. 

Ozone-generating air purifiers

A small amount of ozone can irritate the lungs. Besides, it can cause chest pain, throat irritation, and shortness of breath. Unfortunately, some air purifiers with low-grade filters generate ozone. 

Specifically, air purifiers without HEPA filters can make you sick. Ionizing air purifiers are known as harmful air purifiers for generating ozone. 

Low CADR-rating air purifiers

Any air purifier below 100 CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rating) can make you sick with its worst service. A low CADR rating means it’ll circulate allergens more efficiently, worsening air quality. 

Three types of particles are captured by an air purifier. They’re smoke, pollen, and dust particles. Air purifiers with a low CADR rating can’t catch all these particles, increasing the possibility of making you sick. 

Improperly Placed Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can’t perform precisely if it’s not at a convenient distance from the dust source. The best way is to place it where it can absorb particles from all directions. 

Placing your air purifier near the bed can lead you to morning headaches. Additionally, it can cause nausea and respiratory problems. 


So, finally, you’re aware of the adverse side effects of air purifiers. Air purifiers are great when they’re being operated precisely. They keep your house safe from pollutants, making your surroundings better. 

The problem arises when you don’t clean the air purifier filter from time to time. Who else wants to risk their own life just by ignoring a little maintenance over the air purifier filter? If you also don’t, then keep the air purifier filter clean.

The fact is out of your hand is the generation of ozone. Avoid choosing air purifiers from local companies and low CADR ratings. Also, try to purchase an air purifier with a HEPA filter. Then you can keep yourself safe from ozone along with keeping the environment risk-free. 

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