Do Covered Litter Boxes Smell Less?

No matter how much we love our kittens, the smell of their poop is intolerable.

Recently, a covered litter box has been promised to cover the smell.

But do covered litter boxes smell less?

Yes, the covered litter box smells less. Cats cannot spread the litter out of the box with it. Also, it covers all the cat’s pees and poops, which contain ammonia, urea, or hydrogen sulfide. As a result, these gasses cannot spread awful smells.

Why do covered litter boxes smell less?

These are the reasons why covered litter boxes smell less. 

These boxes can conceal the mess.

The litter trays don’t look so beautiful, and the cats try to mess up the litter in them. As a result, the room became dirty and smelly. But if the litter box is covered, the cat can’t spread the mess inside it out much, so it doesn’t smell as bad.

Cats cannot drag litter with them.

Cats tend to spread the litter a lot when the litter box isn’t covered. They wrapped up all their bodies in the litter box, and thus, the litter spread.

Cats cannot move much with a covered litter box, and the litter doesn’t disperse. So the room becomes less smelly.

It decreases litter odor.

If a question appears in your mind, “do litter boxes always smell?”. Yes, Litter boxes have awful odors, as cats poop and pee in them.

Cat poops and pees contain urea, which creates H2S and ammonia when it dissolves. A covered litter box doesn’t allow these gasses to spread, so the rooms don’t get smelly.

Are closed litter boxes bad for cats?

Cat litter boxes are actually not wrong for them. But they may feel some problems with it when they enter it. They are 

  • A more enormous cat may feel cramped inside a covered litter box. 
  • As a covered litter box doesn’t have much air circulation, it requires more time to dry when the cat pees in it. 
  • The covered litter boxes don’t allow the smell to get out, so the cat has to inhale the awful smell from them.
  • As the box is totally covered, cats can face visual ineffectiveness. 
  • Cats can not get enough places to escape from a covered litter box when needed, so they may feel insecure and frightened.


The litter box covers all the items, including cat food, poops, peeps, and litter. So if a question appears in your mind, “Do covered litter boxes smell less?” 

Yes, they smell less. They don’t allow the gases created by the elements or items in them to get out. So the smell cannot spread.

Though some cats may feel irritated, it improves the house’s hygiene.

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