How To Get Rid Of Construction Dust In The Air Of Your Room?

Construction dust is expected if you live where construction work is running.

The dust mixes with the air to pollute it and harm your health.

But how to get rid of construction in the air of your room?

You can set up a proper ventilation system to keep the air flowing. An air purifier is an excellent option since it can capture harmful ingredients from the air to keep it fresh. Cleaning your room is the ultimate step to removing dust from the air.

How To Get Rid Of Construction Dust In The Air From Your Apartment?

Follow these steps to get rid of construction dust in the air from your apartment.

Step 1: Set Up Proper Ventilation

Try to set up proper ventilation to get rid of construction dust. When the construction process is going on, close all the windows. 

However, open all the doors and windows after the construction process so the house can get as much airflow as possible. Set up two or three fans facing doors or windows so the dust can get out.

Step 2: Use Air Purifiers

Set up an air purifier after opening all the windows and doors. When choosing an air purifier for construction dust, choose one with a bonded carbon filter. These purifiers can puff up all the dust or air dirt, including construction dust. 

If the house is too big or has multiple rooms, try to use 3 or 4 air purifiers. Medium-sized portable air purifiers are more accurate for removing constitution dust. As they are portable, you may take them to different rooms to clean them. 

Also, you can set up air purifiers in ac ducts or furnaces to eliminate construction dust.

Step 3: Clean Soft Carpets Or Furniture

The carpets or furniture may get damaged, or their color may wash out because of construction dust. So try to clean them. To do it,

  • Take all the cushions off of your sofa and uncover them. 
  • Put the covers in the washing machine to wash them. 
  • Take all the furniture outside of your house and use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. 
  • Use a vacuum cleaner on the carpet, also. 
  • Place them in their suitable areas after cleaning them properly.

Step 4: Clean And Polish Hard Floors And Walls

To do it,

  • Brew some tea in a pot with water. 
  • Take a clean cloth and dip it into the brewed tea. 
  • Use that cloth to clean all the hard-surfaced floors, walls, and hardwood furniture. 
  • Give them 30 minutes to dry up. 
  • Now use a vacuum cleaner to clean them. 

Step 5:Cleaning Electric Appliances

Don’t wear wet clothes on electric appliances. Use a portable mini vacuum to clean their surfaces and a clean cloth to wipe all the dust. You may use an unused brush to wipe the dust from them more perfectly.


Construction dust can appear in the house during the neighbor’s construction process or your home renovation. This dust can cause the sneezing or coughing of your family members. 

To get rid of it, try to remove all the heavy furniture or home items from the house. Then use a vacuum cleaner to clean up all the areas of your house. Make sure to install one or multiple air purifiers. Wipe the floor or walls with clean clothes. 

Never use wet clothes on electric appliances. After the cleaning process, place all the furniture and home items in their suitable places again.

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