Kitchen Smells Like Gas [Solved]

Odors in the kitchen are very common thing because the kitchen is filled with different types of foods, food debris, or kitchen equipment. 

Sometimes the kitchen smells like gas because different food elements get burned and create different gases with different smells. 

However, sometimes the kitchen smells like gas because gas is leaking at that time. Different types of gases are used for cooking, like methane, propane, butane, etc. 

These gases also have odorants that help the users detect the gas when it leaks. Because of the heavy smell of natural gas and odorants, the kitchen can smell like gas.

Why Your Kitchen Smells Like Gas?

These can be the reasons your kitchen smells like gas. 

Why Kitchen Smells Like Gasoline 

Gasoline is a combination of multiple gasses that are created with hydrocarbons. These gasses can be butane, pentane, isopentane, etc. Gasoline also includes benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene, and xylene, BTEX compounds. 

These gasses are heavier compounds than air and have a more pungent smell. When gasoline starts leaking, all the areas of the kitchen get filled with heavy odors. As they are heavy in weight, this gas can’t get out and start spreading in the house. So the kitchen smelled like gasoline.

Why Kitchen Sink Smells Like Sewer Gas 

When different types of food get rotten in the kitchen, it smells like sewer gas. Sewer gas includes different types of gas like hydrogen sulfide( H2S), ammonia( NH4), methane( CH4), esters, carbon monoxide( CO), carbon dioxide(SO2), carbon dioxide(CO2), etc. 

All these gasses are created by rotten food elements like rotten eggs, which create sulfur dioxide; grilling meats create carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, and rotten foods that contain protein create NO2. All this gas has heavy odors, which is why the kitchen smells like sewer gas.

Kitchen Smells Like Gas When Oven Is On

There can be multiple reasons why the kitchen smells like gas when the oven is on. They are mentioned below. 

If The Ignitor Gets Damaged 

When the ignitor of the oven gets damaged, it cannot provide enough gas. As a result, it can’t light the oven. But gas starts leaking out, and that’s when the oven smells like gas. 

When The Oven Is Not Cleaned Enough 

Because of the debris and cooked food that fall into the oven, it can smell like gas. When someone turns on the oven, these foods and debris start burning and creating different gasses with different smells. 

Odorants in gas

Different types of gas odorants are included by gas companies in their gas so that when gas starts leaking, the house members can detect it. It is mainly used to prevent gas leaks. As a result, when the oven is turned on, it may smell like gas leaks for a few seconds. 

If the gas starts leaking 

At last, when the gas starts leaking, the oven smells like gas. Gas leaks can have different causes, like damage to a pipe or the oven components. At that time, the house owner will get the smell of rotten eggs created by sulfur dioxide.

Gas Smell In Kitchen But No Leak

If the house owner gets the smell of gas, but there is no leak, the cause can be gas odorants. These gas odorants are added to prevent gas leakage. 

For a chemical named ethyl mercaptan, which is used in LPG gas to prevent gas leaks, also, damaged oven components or attachment pipes can be a reason why there is a gas smell in the kitchen, but there are no leaks.

Gas Stove Smells Like Gas When Off

If the gas stove smells like gas when turned off, the cause can be a gas leak. Typical gas stoves are run on natural gas that contains propane and butane. 

These gasses don’t have any color, so they can’t be seen, but when there is a gas leak, the users may get a heavy smell or a small number of whistle noises besides the gas stove. While gas is leaking, the color of the fire changes. The stove may start with a yellow or orange flame when it is turned on.

Is It Normal To Smell Gas After Installing New Stove 

Yes, it is normal. When a new stove is installed, all the components may not be perfectly attached. The ignitor cannot ignite enough gas to start the stove. 

As a result, the stove can’t be turned on, but the gas starts passing through the pipe from the gas container. As these gasses aren’t completely ignited, they start spreading, and that’s why a gas smell can be found in the house.

What To Do When The Kitchen Smells Like Gas?

You should follow these steps when your kitchen smells like gas. 

Find out the source 

First, find the source of the gas smell to understand if the gas is leaking or not. This step is important because sometimes the gas is not; the scent is created by burning different food elements or dirt on an uncleaned stove. Make sure to clean your kitchen and gas stove regularly to prevent these odors. 

Make Sure To Turn Off All The Electric Appliances 

According to portal.ct, if gas starts leaking in your house, first turn off all the electric appliances because they can create fumes, and thus the gas can ignite. Turn off all the switches and the stove. Don’t turn on the cooker.

Create Enough Air Circulation In The House. 

Make sure to open all the windows or doors so the house can get enough air circulation. As natural gas is heavier than air, it can’t get out without enough space. While building a house, keep enough open space in the kitchen.

Switch off the gas meter

Energy networks organization says It is better to stop gas from spreading by switching off the gas meter. Look for the switch for the gas meter and turn it off.

Contact your house owner or gas provider if you don’t know where the switch is. The switch should have a lever that is attached to a valve. Move that lever 90 degrees to turn it off.

Evacuate the house

When all the upper steps are followed, evacuate the house as soon as possible. Ensure to inform the house owner and neighbors for their safety and ask them to leave the house.

Try an Air Purifier

An air purifier for the kitchen can be an excellent solution to remove the initial gas problem if it is not too high. Try to install a purifier to keep the kitchen air clean.

Call the professionals 

Make sure to call professionals so that they can stop gas leaks. You can call the national emergency number for fast and better service.

Also, call your home gas provider so that they can repair the components or the air from where the gas is leaking. Do not enter the house until the gas is completely cleared. If you feel sick or dizzy from inhaling gas, go to the hospital immediately.


Sometimes the kitchen smells like gas because different foods are burnt on a dirty stove. The elements in the food get burned and create different gases with different smells. 

However, sometimes the kitchen smells like gas because gas is leaking at that time. When gas leaks, turn on all the doors and windows and leave the house immediately. 

Tell your neighbors and the house’s owner about the gas leak, and then call 911 or the gas company. If you feel uneasy from inhaling gas, go to your nearest hospital immediately. Don’t enter the house until the gas is completely off and the system is repaired.

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