[Solved] Cooking Smells From other Apartments

The olfactory epithelium tissue in the human nose is sensitive to odors because they are muscular substances. The defusing or effusion system spreads the odor. 

The difference in food smell occurs because of different types of food elements. Food with protein, carbohydrates, fat, or cholesterol has different elements like amino acids, nitrogen gasses, carboxylic acids, etc. That’s why they come with different food odors. 

There are different ways to solve Cooking smells from other apartments. The easiest way is using different kitchen materials or air purifiers. Sealing your house by closing windows or doors are also a way to solve this problem. 

Any laws against strong cooking odors in rentals?

Yes, there are landlords’ laws against strong cooking odors in rentals. 

House Laws of Different States

When the resident creates different cooking smells daily, and the landlord feels disturbed about it, he can complain about it. However, he cannot intentionally create a mess for this reason, like starting quarreling, fighting, yelling, or embarrassing the resident in front of others.

Home guides say that he must contact you first and share the issue with the resident so that he can solve it. After that, if the odors still annoy the landlord, he can ask the resident to evict the house if he wants. 

California’s House Rule

According to the rules of California or some states, when a resident leaves the house, he must bring it back to the same state as it was when he moved in. He must eliminate all the dirt, dust, and even odors, or the landlord can fine him. 

Laws of Ventilation Systems for Landlords

According to landlords. By July 2021, homeowners must accommodate their houses with proper ventilation systems. They must attach a ventilation fan in the kitchen and bathroom so that odors cannot spread and annoy others.

How do Prevent Cooking Smells From Coming from other Apartments?

The processes of preventing cooking smells from coming from other apartments are mentioned below. 

By repairing wall holes

There can be holes in the wall or underneath, which is why the cooking smell from other apartments comes into your room. So if you ask how to stop smells coming through apartment walls, the process is very simple.

check the walls for any cracks, holes, or gaps. If there are gaps or holes, use filling foam or duct tape to fill them. When there is a crack or large hole, try to fix the wall with the help of a professional.

By Reducing Door or Window Gaps

Check if the gap between the door and the floor has widened or not. Also, check the gap between the two window parts.  These tiny spaces could be why other apartment smells are coming into your room.

If the gap is more significant than usual, use the molds or baseboards to fill it. That’s why if someone has a question in mind about how to stop cooking smells from next door, he can follow this process. 

Using Air Purifiers

Most air purifiers contain carbon filters made to absorb food smells coming from neighbors’ apartments. Bonded carbon and loose-filled carbon are the two kinds of carbon that can be used in air purifiers. 

Because bonded carbon contains more carbon than loose carbon, it is more effective. Simply set the air purifier in an accessible location so it won’t obstruct your home’s ventilation system. It can thus more efficiently absorb scents as a result.

By using kitchen material

Kitchen materials like vinegar, baking soda, coffee, etc., are very effective against Indian neighbors cooking smells. They can dissolve different cooking odors because of their deep fragrances and chemical type.

Baking soda is an alkaline substance, which is why it is effective against sour-type food odors, whereas vinegar is an acidic substance, which is why it dissolves sweet smells.


Due to their small molecular size, food odors can penetrate cardboard or hardboard’s minuscule perforations. Cooking smells from other apartments can be good or bad smells.

The foul smells contain many gasses and substances, so these odors are usually both unpleasant and hazardous. 

So if you want to stop these odors coming from other apartments, you can follow some steps. The simplest way to stop odors from infiltrating the wall is to use baking soda, vinegar, an air purifier, charcoal, etc. Fill any gaps in the wall with filler or tape if necessary. 

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