Kitchen Smells Like Rotten Eggs [Solved]

A kitchen with sluggish smells is always on top of all kitchen problems. The suffering knows no bounds if your kitchen smells like rotten eggs. 

First, check if the smell literally originated from a rotten egg. If the odor source is hard to find, you might be in hot water.

The most popular reason is the leakage of hydrogen sulfide gas. This gas smells rude and like rotten eggs at low concentration levels in the air.

All other possible reasons are also directly or indirectly resulting from generating this gas. The solution is pretty simple if you can identify the exact problematic region. Especially using robust solutions like hydrogen peroxide may work in the long run.

What Can Be The Reasons For The Kitchen Smells Like Rotten Eggs?

There could be two possible aspects of your kitchen smelling like rotten eggs. The first one is that somewhere in your kitchen is really the presence of rotten eggs. 

It could be frustrating news, but the good part is it’s easy to clean. The second one is: that something is wrong with your kitchen that produces the rotten eggs smell. Let’s analyze some top possible reasons. 

Gas leakage in the kitchen

Most often, your kitchen smells like rotten eggs due to gas leakage. If it were a natural gas leakage issue, there wouldn’t be any disgusting smell. 

The smell is like rotten eggs; the reason is the presence of sulfur. More specifically, the hydrogen sulfide odor is the reason for that pungent odor. (Reference: USA Department of labor)

However, gas leakage is a severe issue, forcing manufacturers to bring down a solution. Gas companies started adding a chemical called “mercaptan”. 

But it’s a toxic gas that may affect your nervous system from the root. (Reference: GPL) This additive is the reason behind the smell. But, you can’t deny its contribution as it’s alarming you about the leakage. 

Drywall with sulfur odor

Gassy drywall can produce sulfuric odors like rotten eggs. Drywalls are solid; it seems like they can’t produce any odor, let alone bad smells.

Your drywall may come with a disgusting sulfur smell if it’s Chinese drywall. During 2001 and 2009, imported drywall from China came with excessive amounts of sulfur. 

According to, it’s denoted as a “silent hurricane.” 

The drywalls can emit foul odors like rotten eggs even after passing an era. 

It’s observed that the drywall chemicals slowly react to form hydrogen sulfide gas. That’s how rotten eggs smell being produced, making your house disastrous. 

Unused drain pipes

Have you ever experienced your kitchen drain smells like rotten eggs

Then, the problem might be with the dried-out drain pipes. Dry drain pipes are the result of keeping the kitchen sink unused. 

Usually, sinks and tubs connect to something called a p-trap. This p-trap is a u-shaped pipe that traps sewer gas. 

Besides, it prevents excessive smells from heading into your home by creating a layer of water at the bottom of the curve. 

The water might evaporate somehow. And finally, the sulfur odor is generated, affecting your kitchen badly. A contaminated sink drain also can create the smell of rotten eggs. 

Odor from water

Your kitchen sink may smell like rotten eggs when washing the machine. The statement of EPA says that- over 13 million American households rely on well water instead of treated water from a local municipal agency. 

They experienced the smell of sulfur through the water. The odor can be extreme if it spreads over the whole kitchen. If your kitchen faucet smells like rotten eggs, immediately check the water. 

Problematic sewer line

People often complain- my kitchen drain smells like rotten eggs. The problem could be either with the drain pipes or the sewer line. 

If your sewer line somehow malfunctioned, the rotten eggs smell could be experienced mildly or extremely. If the sewer line has a broken drain pipe, sewer gasses will seep throughout your home. 

Clogged drain vents also lead to multiple plumbing odors, including rotten eggs. As that bacteria builds up in that piping, it creates the hydrogen sulfide gas that exits through the sink.

Kitchen Sink Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Many people have complained over the internet- their kitchen sink smells like rotten eggs uk. There are possibilities of getting stuck in many things in the kitchen sink trap. Most of the stuck items will decompose sooner or later.

Finally, it makes the drain breathe out a horrible rotten-egg smell. If your kitchen sink has a distinct smell of rotten eggs, it’s likely caused by an issue with your U-bend allowing sewer gases to escape.

How To Get Rid Of Rotten Egg Smell In Kitchen

It’s time to resolve the problem of the rotten egg smell in your kitchen. Here you get introduced to some effective but easy methods.

Step:1- Apply detergent solution 

Applying low doses of abrasive detergent is the first step to getting rid of the rotten egg smell. Pour the scrubber with a tablespoon of detergent. Then, scrub the surface thoroughly in a circular motion. For better results, use the softest scrubber you can afford. 

Step:2- Use a mild cleaning agent

Use water instead of a mild cleaning agent for the affected area of the kitchen. This trick may not bring any fruitful results. So, try using hot water with a fresh scent as a mild cleaning agent. 

It’s highly effective when you have a kitchen with hardwood floors. Wash the surface thoroughly after applying the mild cleaning agent. You should repeat the cleaning process more than once. 

Step:3- Remove grime and sink blockage

White vinegar, baking soda, and other natural cleaning products help remove mold, grime, and dirt. These ingredients help to destroy black spores and remove rotten egg smell effectively by removing the blockage. 

Step:4- Apply hydrogen peroxide

Mix up 3% hydrogen peroxide into 40 gallons of water. Then, turn it into the heater and leave it for an extended period.

After 2-3 hours, flush it down the drain and wait to see if the foul odor has disappeared. This chemical will indeed eliminate hydrogen sulfide buildup along with eradicating the scent. 

Step:5- Fix the water system

The smelly water with rotten eggs requires cleaning the filter of your kitchen plumbing system. Remove it carefully, and wash it with a rinse of water. And finally, attach it to its last place to check if it’s optimal. 

Step:6- Replace the filter

If the filter isn’t working even after washing, it’s completely wasted. Then, replacing the old filter with the new one is the best choice.

Step 7: Install an Air Purifier

Try installing an air purifier in your kitchen. It catches the odor particles from the kitchen air to remove the egg scent.

Wrapping Up

Reaching the endpoint, you’ve known some popular possible reasons why your kitchen smells like rotten eggs. Before determining the solution, you should know why my kitchen has an eggy smell

There might be several reasons for your rotten egg’s kitchen smell. It’s either for faulty water or blockage. 

You can work independently if you have natural ingredients like baking soda. Only stay alert about using the right amount, following the highest safety precaution.

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