How to Make a Portable Pool Vacuum

To make a portable pool vacuum, you need a pool skimmer and a wet/dry vacuum. Attach the vacuum to the skimmer basket with a rubber band.

Turn on the vacuum and use it to clean the pool. A portable pool vacuum can be a handy and cost-effective way to keep your pool clean. If you already have a wet/dry vacuum and a pool skimmer, you can easily make your own portable pool vacuum in just a few simple steps. By attaching the wet/dry vacuum to the skimmer basket with a rubber band, you can create suction and efficiently clean your pool. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on an expensive pool vacuum when you can make your own for a fraction of the cost. In this article, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to make your own portable pool vacuum and keep your pool sparkling clean all summer long.

How to Make a Portable Pool Vacuum


Materials Needed

If you have a pool, then you know how important it is to keep the water clean and free of debris to ensure a healthy swimming environment. A portable pool vacuum is a perfect solution for pool owners looking for an easy and effective way to keep their pool clean.

In this post, we will guide you through the materials you will need to make your own portable pool vacuum.

List Of Necessary Materials For Building A Portable Pool Vacuum

Here is a list of all the materials you will need to make your own portable pool vacuum:

  • Pool cleaning head
  • Pool hose (length depends on the size of your pool)
  • Pvc pipe (length depends on the depth of your pool)
  • Pvc elbow joint (2 pieces)
  • Pool pole
  • Pool skimmer basket
  • Drill
  • Pvc adhesive

Explanation Of The Purpose Of Each Material

  • Pool cleaning head: this is the part of the vacuum that comes in direct contact with the pool surface to pick up dirt and debris. It is usually triangular in shape and comes in different sizes to fit different pool types.
  • Pool hose: this is the tube that connects your pool cleaning head to the pvc pipe. The length of the pool hose will depend on the size of your pool.
  • Pvc pipe: this serves as the main body of your portable pool vacuum. The length of the pvc pipe will depend on the depth of your pool.
  • Pvc elbow joint: these joints connect the pvc pipe to the pool pole and pool hose. Two pieces of these are needed to complete the build.
  • Pool pole: this is used to extend the reach of the vacuum. It can be adjusted to various lengths depending on the size of the pool.
  • Pool skimmer basket: this serves as a filter to catch and trap large debris like leaves, twigs, and other objects that cannot pass through the vacuum hose.
  • Drill: this is used to make holes in the pvc pipe so that the pool pole and pool hose can be inserted.
  • Pvc adhesive: this is used to hold the joints in place and ensure that there are no leaks.

By following the steps in our next post, you will be able to build your own portable pool vacuum at home using these materials. With your very own portable pool vacuum, you can maintain a clean and hygienic swimming environment all season long.

Steps To Build A Portable Pool Vacuum

If you’re a pool owner, you’re likely familiar with the struggles of keeping your pool clean and tidy. And if you’re tired of spending a lot of money on a pool vacuum or just want to create your own, then making a portable pool vacuum might be the answer.

In this post, we’ll guide you through the steps, starting with assembling the motor and battery.

Step 1: Assembling The Motor And Battery

  • Gather the motor, battery and some wires.
  • Connect the motor and battery through the wires and attach them securely.

Step 2: Connecting The Pvc Pipes

  • Cut the pvc pipes to the desired length.
  • Connect the pvc pipes with glue or couplings.
  • Create two outlets on one side and on the other side, create one inlet.

Step 3: Attaching The Vacuum Head

  • Find a vacuum head that is suitable for your pool size.
  • Attach the vacuum head to the pvc pipe on the inlet side.
  • Make sure the vacuum head is securely attached to prevent it from detaching.

Step 4: Adding A Filter

  • Choose a filter that would fit in between the two outlets.
  • Attach the filter to the pvc pipe using couplings or glue.
  • Make sure the filter is secured in place and is not easily detachable.

Step 5: Sealing And Testing The Portable Pool Vacuum

By following these steps, you can create your own portable pool vacuum without breaking the bank. Making your own pool vacuum can be a fun diy project and can also save you money in the long run. So, dive in and make your own pool vacuum today!

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The Benefits Of A Portable Pool Vacuum

Vacuuming your pool can be a tiring and time-consuming task, requiring a lot of effort and patience. Traditional pool vacuums, with their large size and complicated setups, can make the process even more challenging. However, with the advent of portable pool vacuums, pool maintenance has never been more straightforward.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of a portable pool vacuum and why it should be your go-to tool for pool maintenance.

Explanation Of Advantages Over Traditional Pool Vacuums

Portable pool vacuums are an excellent alternative to their traditional counterparts.

  • Portability: as the name suggests, portable pool vacuums are lightweight and compact, making them easy to move around. They don’t require any complicated set-up, and you can carry them wherever you want to go.
  • Easy to use: portable pool vacuums are easy to assemble and operate. With just a few simple steps, you can get them up and running. They don’t require any technical expertise, and even a novice pool owner can use them efficiently.
  • Saves time: portable pool vacuums are quick and efficient in cleaning your pool. They are designed to clean a large area within a short time, reducing the time you spend on pool maintenance and leaving you with more time to enjoy your pool.

Examples Of How A Portable Pool Vacuum Makes Pool Maintenance Easier

Using a portable pool vacuum has several benefits over traditional pool vacuuming methods.

  • Easy cleaning: a portable pool vacuum can easily reach tight spots and corners, which are otherwise difficult to reach with traditional vacuums. This ensures that your pool is thoroughly cleaned, and you don’t have to spend additional time scrubbing hard-to-reach areas.
  • Saves water: traditional pool vacuums require a lot of water to operate, which can be wasteful. Portable pool vacuums, on the other hand, use minimal water, reducing the amount of water wasted during cleaning.
  • Less chemical usage: portable pool vacuums are designed to capture debris and dirt effectively, reducing the need for additional chemical usage. This ensures that your pool’s chemical balance remains intact, reducing the need for additional chemical treatments.

A portable pool vacuum saves you time, effort and money while making pool maintenance a much more straightforward process. Its ease of use, portability, and excellent cleaning performance make it the perfect tool to keep your pool sparkling clean at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Make A Portable Pool Vacuum

What Materials Are Required To Make A Portable Pool Vacuum?

A portable pool vacuum typically requires a vacuum head, telescopic pole, vacuum hose, and a skimmer adapter. These items are essential for efficient pool cleaning, and can be purchased separately or as part of a kit. Optional accessories like leaf net attachments or scrubbing brushes can also be added to enhance cleaning performance.

Is It Difficult To Assemble A Portable Pool Vacuum?

No, assembling a portable pool vacuum is not a difficult task. Most vacuum models come with simple instructions that are easy to follow, and the assembly can be done in just a few minutes.

Can A Portable Pool Vacuum Clean Both Above-Ground And In-Ground Pools?

Yes, portable pool vacuums can clean both above-ground and in-ground pools. These vacuums are designed to work on various surfaces and are usually lightweight and easy to maneuver. However, it’s essential to choose a model specifically designed for the size and shape of your pool.

How Often Do I Need To Change The Filter In A Portable Pool Vacuum?

The frequency of filter changes in a portable pool vacuum depends on usage and debris accumulation. It is recommended to clean or replace the filter after every use if it looks dirty or clogged. Regular maintenance can prolong the vacuum’s lifespan and enhance its performance.

Will A Portable Pool Vacuum Work On Larger Pools Or Is It Best For Smaller Pools?

Portable pool vacuums can work on larger pools, but it may take more time and effort to clean the entire pool. They are best suited for smaller pools, where they can effectively remove debris and maintain the cleanliness of the pool.

Consider using a larger and more powerful pool vacuum for large pools with high traffic.


After reading our guide, i hope you now have a good idea of how to make a portable pool vacuum on your own. With a few simple tools and necessary materials, you can create an affordable and efficient pool cleaner that will save you time and money.

The cleaning process doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive when finding alternatives to traditional pool cleaners. You can customize your vacuum to fit your specific pool needs, ensuring that you have a clean and healthy swimming environment. Remember, safety is always key when working with electricity and water, so be sure to proceed with caution and follow all safety instructions.

With this easy diy project, you can spend more time enjoying your clean pool and less time worrying about maintenance. Happy swimming!

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